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Train Sim World 2- A Year On The Rails!

This year has been fantastic for Train Sim World 2 players, with a wide variety of exciting Add-Ons released throughout the year. We take a look back at the releases that have made 2021 such an incredible year for Train Sim World 2!
Southeastern High Speed: London St Pancras – Faversham Steam Store | PlayStation (Europe) | PlayStation (US) | Xbox | Epic Games Store
Experience thrilling high-speed commuting as you drive Britain’s fastest domestic train, thundering through London and the Garden of England with the Southeastern High Speed. Each Station, Bridge, tunnel, and landmark has been lovely recreated to accurately represent Dovetail Games' very own local line. Southeastern High Speed also introduced a new feature to Train Sim World 2, moving railway crossings gates.
Enhance Southeastern High Speed with the BR Class 465 EMU. Built for passenger services in Southeast London and Kent, you can experience 3 flavours of commuter action with the Class 465/9 subclass. Operable on the included services between Gravesend and Rainham, as well as between Rochester and Gillingham, however the nature of the /9 is truly put to use on the handful Gravesend-Faversham services.
Diesel Legends of the Great Western Steam Store | PlayStation (Europe) | PlayStation (US) | Xbox | Epic Games Store
Diesel Legends of the Great Western offers an entirely new perspective through the train cabs of yesteryear. An age before HSTs and Turbos; Westerns and heritage slammers reigned supreme and you can take control of these long-gone services. It is also the first Add-On to use Train Sim World 2’s Multiple Timetable feature, creating a completely new experience for Great Western Express by transporting you to the early 1970s and the easterly most section of the Great Western Main Line.
With the height above sea level climbing to 1739 metres, It's hardly a surprise that the deep valleys and tall mountains that the route makes its way past often experiences adverse weather conditions. Most railways would struggle to function in some of the weather experienced, but Arosalinie continues to run all year round. Snowy landscapes and brilliant white trees greet the Railfan who’s happy to brave the weather to enjoy this amazing experience.
Clinchfield Railroad: Elkhorn – Dante Steam Store | PlayStation (Europe) | PlayStation (US) | Xbox | Epic Games Store
The Clinchfield spun its steel rails across, over, and through America’s great Appalachian Mountains, hauling millions of tons of coal and manifest freight, and operating with such verve and through such majestic scenery as to be called the “Rio Grande of the East.” Load coal from one of several mines in peaks of Virginia, and explore not only the main line, but the various local branches, each with its own challenges and character.
The DB BR 101 Locomotive features a highly detailed, feature-rich, driving cab, authentic sounds and for the first time, Bpmmz 284.4 and Avmmz 106.1 coaches in DB IC livery! A classic among the modern electric locomotives of Germany, with a heritage spanning some of the nation’s most revolutionary designs and continuing the honour by working throughout the Deutsche Bahn network every day.
Hauptstrecke Hamburg – Lübeck Steam Store | PlayStation (Europe) | PlayStation (US) | Xbox | Epic Games Store
Drive one of Germany’s most important mainlines, exploring this bustling northern route from the cab of iconic express and busy freight locomotives. Hauptstrecke Hamburg - Lübeck features the DB BR 112, Doppelstock coaches, and cab car in iconic DB red livery, and the sleek ES 64 U2 in MRCE Black livery.
Cathcart Circle Line: Glasgow - Newton & Neilston Steam Store | PlayStation (Europe) | PlayStation (US) | Xbox | Epic Games Store
The Cathcart Circle Line and its branches date back to the late 1800s, the line between Glasgow and Cathcart via Mount Florida opened in 1866, with the circle being completed via Shawlands in 1894. Neilston station followed close behind, opening in 1903, with the branches between there and Newton acting as a through route for coal trains. While the days of freight are long gone, both branches remain a core part of the Strathclyde commuter network to this day.
Climb aboard for one of the American West’s most scenic, and challenging modern railroading experiences with Cane Creek: Thompson – Potash, created by Skyhook Games. Renowned for its extraordinary western scenery, the Cane Creek Subdivision extends from a connection with Union Pacific’s Green River Subdivision at Brendel, Utah south to Potash, Utah, 35.8 route miles. The route also includes a fast-paced five-mile section of the UP’s Green River Subdivision mainline east from Brendel to Thompson, Utah.
Experience the fastest rail line in America, from modern suburbia to sprawling countryside, linking the state capitals of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, command both Amtrak Regional and MBTA Commuter operations with Train Sim World 2: Rush Hour - Boston Sprinter. As you travel from station to station you will see a greater variety in passengers and higher passenger volumes at peak times. All recreating the hustle and bustle of Rush Hour.
Rush Hour – Nahverkehr Dresden Steam Store | PlayStation (Europe) | PlayStation (US) | Xbox | Epic Games Store
Experience complex operations out of the iconic Dresden Hbf, with commuters and international travellers converging to make a hustle and bustle mix of S-Bahn, regional, inter-city and freight traffic. Take on the challenges of regional, S-Bahn, and freight services with the DB BR 442, BR 143, BR 146.2 BR 363 and MRCE BR 185.5, plus take control of IC and ICE services with the BR 406 ICE 3M and DB BR 101 (available separately).
Take control of services across the historic Brighton Main Line during the busy rush hour, used by commuters and tourists for around 180 years and filled with eye-catching architecture and landmarks, it’s now yours to explore and master. Fast Gatwick Express trains bound for Gatwick airport and beyond, or busy local commuter services going between London Victoria and Brighton stations give you a varied and immersive experience, feel the intensity of rush hour in central London and the Southern counties of England.
Take charge of vital freight services along the busy corridor between Köln and Aachen from the cab of the state-of-the-art DB BR 187. Since the mid-1990s, the TRAXX series of locomotives have been developed and produced for a variety of needs throughout Europe and beyond. No matter what needs moving, the DB BR 187 can haul with ease, and thanks to Skyhook Games you can put it to work in Train Sim World 2
Take a step back in time with the London Underground 1938 Tube Stock dressed in London Transport livery. Climb into the cab, take in the cosy lightbulb-lit interior, the old school driving controls, and get ready to command this authentic locomotive across 3 detailed and challenging scenarios, delivering passengers to their destinations up and down the Bakerloo Line. Thanks to Rivet Games, you can experience it now on the Bakerloo Line in Train Sim World 2!
At forty-five years old the BR Class 313 EMU is the oldest EMU in regular service across Britain’s railway network, having served the outer suburbs of London in a variety of liveries since the 1970s, you can now enjoy this stalwart of the British Railways era in its most modern guise on the scenic Train Sim World 2: East Coastway.
West Cornwall Local: Penzance - St Austell & St Ives Steam Store | PlayStation (Europe) | PlayStation (US) | Xbox | Epic Games Store
Step back into the 1990s and relive this line in the pre-BR privatisation era. Take charge of the various services on this 44-mile (70 km) scenic route from Penzance to St Austell including the St Ives branch. Carry passengers through the Cornish Countryside on local Regional Railways services and shuttle to and fro along the St Ives branch in BR Class 150/2 in Regional Railways livery. Alternatively, take on the challenge of freight over the hills in the BR Class 37/5 in Railfreight Grey livery.
Sherman Hill: Cheyenne – Laramie Steam Store | PlayStation (Europe) | PlayStation (US) | Xbox | Epic Games Store
Constructed in the late 1860s as a vital link in America’s Transcontinental Railroad, a century and a half later, Sherman Hill still stands tall as one of the country’s most dynamic and bustling routes for rail tonnage moving across the U. S. And now, the new Train Sim World 2 Sherman Hill route brings all the elements that make Sherman Hill extraordinary – magnificent scenery, tough and demanding grades, heavy tonnage, big motive power, and an endless flow of diverse freight – to full life.
TSG’s (TrainSim-Germany) G6 Shunter is used as a DB locomotive rented directly from the manufacturer, performing complex shunting duties on the busy Rhein-Ruhr Osten route. Master the DB G6 across 5 scenarios using unique features such as dynamic braking, dual-mode cruise control, and 2 gears for different speed limits. The DB G6 for Train Sim World 2 features authentic and highly detailed sounds recorded from the real locomotive.
This brand-new collection is the perfect Add-on to the already cinematic Arosalinie. With a variety of festive-themed gameplay, 5 distinctive liveries for the Ge 4/4 II locomotive, and the white and yellow RhB observation coach there is plenty of new ways to enjoy and explore the famous Arosa Line.
Train Sim World 2 received some amazing releases in 2021, we now look forward to 2022 and how the latest evolution in railway simulation evolves even further. Stay up to date with everything Train Sim World 2 by following @TrainSimWorld on Twitter and Facebook.
Want to know what is upcoming in 2022 for Train Sim World 2? We publish a Roadmap update every couple of weeks that covers all of the routes and locomotives that are currently being planned. We also run a live stream following each Roadmap to discuss all of the changes and recent releases. Watch live on Twitch or YouTube. Keep up to date with all new releases by following the Roadmap.
Here's a sneak peek at one of the upcoming Add-Ons for 2022, check it out below.
Snaking its way past rivers, through rocky valleys, and into the beautiful Eastern German Hills, Tharandter Rampe: Dresden – Chemnitz will be arriving soon on Train Sim World 2. Check out this first look article as we take a look at some of the features you can look forward too.
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Train Sim World 2- A Year On The Rails!