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Experience thrilling high-speed commuting as you drive Britain’s fastest domestic train, thundering through London and the Garden of England with the new Southeastern High Speed arriving today!
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Since the first Southeastern High Speed service in 2009, the BR Class 395 ‘Javelin’ has served an incredible 100 Million passengers. Built by Hitachi between 2007 and 2009 there are now 29 sets of these advanced high-speed trains running on the network. You will experience a highly detailed feature-rich recreation, with authentic sound recordings, and true to life performance and handling.
As Britain’s fastest domestic train, the BR 395 EMU, which is more commonly called the Javelin, certainly earns its namesake. Once it has departed London St Pancras station and enters the HS1 line it can reach speeds of up to 140 mph. Included with the BR 395 ‘Javelin’ is the magnificent Trainbow livery, unveiled ahead of the 2018 London pride, this striking addition to Southeastern's 10th Anniversary livery toured the Southeast of England for the summer of that year. Both 10th Anniversary and Trainbow liveries are playable for you to enjoy. All of the units that are included in Southeastern High Speed are also compatible with the Livery Designer, so try your hand at creating something as striking as the Trainbow livery.
If you prefer a more moderate pace of driving, Southeastern High Speed also adds the BR 375/9 EMU to your timetable. Built by Bombardier Transport, it is part of the Electrostar family of units and is the most numerous EMU in Britain since the privatisation of British Rail. This version is modelled as the 375/9 variant and is in the Southeastern Dark Blue livery, which was designed to be in a similar style to the livery of the BR 395 EMU ‘Javelin’. You will be able to complete services that stop at all stations between Faversham and Rochester, this simulates journeys that would usually be bound for London Victoria, and services between Faversham and Gravesend to represent services bound for London Charing Cross.
Additionally, if you own the Northern Trans-Pennine Add-on, 4 additional services will be added to Southeastern High Speed, The Medway Explorer, and the Medway Wanderer. These represent the various Railtours that often travel the region, and give you the freedom to use the respective locomotives and coach stock from that content with Southeastern high Speed. With these services added, you can also use alternative locomotives to pull these Railtours, such as the BR Class 20, 31, 37, and 40 which are available in other Preserved Collection Add-ons. For those with an interest in freight, East Coastway adds a further additional service, The BR Class 66 and freight traffic at Hoo junction.
With the success of the international route Highspeed 1, plans were made to increase the productivity of this route and provide faster local services. Although it was originally conceived to serve Folkstone and Canterbury via Ashford, and a direct service to Gravesend, intervention from other local councils who wanted to increase development and regeneration within the Medway towns and to stimulate regeneration in more distant coastal towns, lead to the route changing course to what we know it as today.
Each Station, Bridge, tunnel, and landmark has been lovely recreated to accurately represent Dovetail Games' very own local line. On-site visits, local knowledge and, detailed research have enabled us to create a true-to-life route that gives you an engaging and immersive experience. Southeastern High Speed introduces a new feature Train Sim World 2, moving railway crossings gates. This highly requested feature adds to the realism and makes places like Gillingham Crossing and Rainham station perfect locations to capture dynamic railfan shots.
You will be able to enjoy this challenging English route in different ways each time you take to the tracks, 5 unique scenarios, 259 services which increase to 264 if you have the appropriate Add-ons, and compatibility with Train Sim World 2’s Scenario Planner mean you can play it your way!
Train Sim World 2: Southeastern High Speed: London St Pancras - Faversham is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. Join us on Railfan TV tonight as we celebrate the launch. Watch live on Twitch or YouTubeat 8PM UTC.
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