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Experience the pinnacle of modern motive power and the latest generation in a long line of classics with Skyhook Games’ DB BR 187 for Train Sim World 2!
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Take charge of vital freight services along the busy corridor between Köln and Aachen from the cab of the state-of-the-art DB BR 187. No matter what needs moving, the DB BR 187 can haul with ease, and thanks to Skyhook Games you can put it to work in Train Sim World 2!
Since the mid-1990s, the TRAXX series of locomotives have been developed and produced for a variety of needs throughout Europe and beyond. Different variants take on newer technologies and are adapted to best perform different roles on both local and cross-border traffic.
The latest in this modular platform, now in its 3rd generation, has been built since 2011. Featuring the latest technologies and a sturdy new design, the TRAXX “AC3” can be configured to run almost anywhere and is used throughout Europe as well as Israel. For Germany, Deutsche Bahn placed an order for multiple variants of the loco, including 110 of the F140 AC3; these would be used for hauling freight and were classified as the DB BR 187. The DB BR 187 represents the pinnacle of modern motive power, outputting 5600 kW and capable of achieving an impressive 140 km/h.
Skyhook has recreated this modern German powerhouse in incredible true-to-life detail and is resplendent in the eye-catching DB Traffic red livery. You can enjoy this new locomotive in a variety of ways across Schnellfahrstrecke Köln-Aachen, learn the ropes with the comprehensive training guide, then explore the yards and open countryside between Köln and Aachen however you please with journey mode chapters, four bespoke scenarios, and services in timetable mode. Additionally, DB BR 187 has the option to run as a substituted locomotive on other German freight services that feature in various Add-Ons that are available separately, like Main Spessart Bahn or Rush Hour- Nahverkehr Dresden.
This brand-new Add-On also includes a complement of varied freight rolling stock, Habbins 334, Roos-T 645, Shimms-TTU 772, and Shimms-U 708 wagons all feature, and will occur across the services and scenarios previously mentioned. Coupled with full Livery Designer and Scenario Planner compatibilities, the exciting new DB BR 187 brings heavy freight traffic to Schnellfahrstrecke Köln-Aachen in the most modern fashion.
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14 Oct