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Formidable 465

Explore Kent from the cab of a commuter classic with the Southeastern BR Class 465 EMU, available now for Southeastern High Speed in Train Sim World 2!
Built for passenger services in Southeast London and Kent, the BR Class 465 EMU is a staple of daily life through the Medway towns, and in Train Sim World 2, you can experience 3 flavours of commuter action with the Class 465/9 subclass.
It is operable on the included services between Gravesend and Rainham, as well as between Rochester and Gillingham, however the nature of the /9 is truly put to use on the handful Gravesend-Faversham services; these special extended trains see networkers on trains to and from Ramsgate for high-capacity holidaymaker trips linking North Kent and the Kent Coast.
Here’s 10 details that feature in the Class 465/9 for Train Sim World 2:


A callback to days past, the headlight lamps feature the British Rail logo, a sign that these units have been working hard since the Network SouthEast days.


The cab has been recreated with full authenticity, including accurate buttons, switches and decals. Keep an eye on the time in proper 1990s style by checking the in-cab digital clock which resides next to the speedometer, and set the atmosphere to your taste with clickable ventilation and heater switches, the former being a distinctive feature for the Met-Cam networkers following the introduction of cab roof-mounted air-con.


Even in the harshest of winters, very little snow builds up on the front of the BR Class 465 EMU and this has been recreated based on photos from previous snowfall seasons.


Keeping spick and span is an important part of any railway, but the underframe often gets dirtier quicker than any other part of the unit, and it isn’t touched in train washes so the SE dark blue gets a little worse for wear below the floor line.


From the horn, to the guards bell and of course, the iconic motor sounds, everything about the Class 465 is as unique as it can get, which is why we approached Armstrong Powerhouse to be able to use their authentic soundset for this unit in TSW.


As per all trains in Train Sim World 2, the safety systems start out in an isolated state, however what most trains do not have is an external visual indication of this. The BR Class 465 EMU features two lights above the destination board, and if the purple light is lit, that warns others that the safety systems on that particular unit are isolated. You can also click various MCB switches to trip systems such as the traction and door control.


Entering and exiting the cab is something all drivers obviously do, and of course you can click on the doors to open them, but they’re not typical doors with handles on the Class 465, so you can also use the various in-cab buttons to be able to open and close them.


Pulling up to a station where the platform is on the far side? You have a choice of passenger door buttons to use, you can use the ones on the desk in front of you, however it is encouraged that drivers use the secondman side buttons so that they can more clearly ensure all is safe, and these secondman passenger door buttons are functional in the Class 465.


On a long stretch between stations? You can use the speed set to hold any desired speed. It must be noted that there are 2 conditions in order for the speed set to be functional; you must be in notch 4 on the combined power/brake controller, and the second condition relates to our final feature…


The networkers have been through many changes in their lifetime, both visual and functional, and perhaps the most notable change, certainly from the perspective of enthusiasts who enjoyed listening to the additional motor audio it would add when coming to a stop, was the overall isolation of the regenerative and rheostatic braking capabilities. Some units can still be heard with these systems enabled, but it is a rare occurrence, and in recent years only a few 465/9s have been heard as such.
However, it is these functions which are required in order for speed set to work, and so at your discretion, you can choose to have regen braking either enabled or disabled. While disabled by default, enabling the regen braking will not only allow you to take advantage of speed set (because it is required for the unit to hold its speed on downhill stretches), but it also completely transforms the audio experience when braking, hearing the traction motors wind down in nostalgic fashion as you call at each station! Casting our mind back to feature 6, the regen brake also has its own indicator light above the destination board, this one is white, and will extinguish should you enable regen braking.
Train Sim World 2: BR Class 465 EMU is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. Join us on Railfan TV tonight as we celebrate the launch. Watch live on Twitch or YouTube at 8PM UTC.
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