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BR Class 313 EMU Out Now!

“This service is formed of 3 coaches” scrolls across the customer information board as you patiently wait for your Brighton bound train, the classic BR Class 313 EMU in Southern Livery has arrived for Train Sim World 2: East Coastway!
At forty-five years old the BR Class 313 EMU is the oldest EMU in regular service across Britain’s railway network, having served the outer suburbs of London in a variety of liveries since the 1970s, you can now enjoy this stalwart of the British Railways era in its most modern guise on the scenic Train Sim World 2: East Coastway. Painted in the green and white livery of Southern, the BR Class 313 EMU is enhanced with Coastway branding and refurbished with a variety of modern features that better accommodate a new generation of commuters, tourists, and football fans who regularly use the East and West Coastway out of Brighton.
This highly detailed new Add-On puts you in the cab of the veteran BR Class 313 EMU, beautifully detailed to simulate a feature-rich and realistic driving experience, with lovingly recreated performance, sounds, and handling. This plucky little three-car unit regularly runs in pairs, particularly on busy summer or match days, with Scenario Planner you have the freedom to run it as either . Master the controls and get started in the detailed training scenario, then try your hand at the three unique scenarios that take you across the Idyllic East Coastway.
The BR Class 313 EMU arrives for Train Sim World 2: East Coastway's busy timetable, bringing this classic EMU to work alongside the BR Class 377 EMU and BR Class 66. Of course, you can always play it your own way as it is fully compatible with Train Sim World 2’s Livery Designer and Scenario Planner. Included is a duplicate of the East Coastway timetable, in which the Class 313 is driveable on the Lewes and Seaford services. You will still be able to drive the Class 377 on these services in the original timetable.
To give you the feel of busy tourist traffic we have updated Train Sim World 2: East Coastway with additional features. This includes the new Rush Hour passenger system, meaning you can enjoy increased passenger numbers and new character models and clothing.This additional footfall will fill up your BR Class 313 EMU quickly, with all those additional passengers embarking and disembarking, and a lower top speed than the BR Class 377 EMU it will take some skill and practice to stay on time and stick to your timetable.
As the BR Class 313 EMU can occasionally be seen on the Brighton Main Line heading for servicing and repairs at Selhurst Depot, we thought it only fitting to include this stock movement as additional layers to Rush Hour: London Commuter. Twelve playable and AI additional service layers have been added to this recent Add-On and can be enjoyed by PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S players when both Add-Ons are installed.
Train Sim World 2: BR Class 313 EMU is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store, and Steam! Join Matt tonight as he celebrates the launch. Watch live on Twitch or YouTube at 19:00 UTC on 28th October.
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28 Oct
BR Class 313 EMU Out Now!