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Welcome to the Developer Portal

Welcome to the Dovetail Games Developer Portal, the premier destination to start developing add-ons, mods, or other content for Dovetail simulation titles. Here you'll find guides, tutorials, and assistance for the tools we have made available. Our aim is to grow this part of Dovetail Live in order to improve the service delivered to third party developers.
Developers form a very important element of the simulation titles offered by Dovetail Games. They bring a substantial amount of subject knowledge, innovation and skill to our experiences. The content developed is valued and appreciated by our growing simulation communities, and Dovetail works closely with developers of all sizes - from individuals working part-time to established software studios.
Technical support is available to partners working with Dovetail Games to deliver content via our channels. We also have a full-time team on hand to help make sure that content is officially licensed.
Train Simulator Classic
Developers who are looking to create content for Train Simulator Classic, whether routes, trains or scenery, can do so with the Developer Documentation which describes the fundamentals of content creation for Train Simulator. This documentation is an on-going project that we will continue to develop and grow with the feedback and support of the community and Partner Developers. To share feedback with us, please contact Customer Support who will record all of your feedback for consideration.
For further information on how to bring your add-on content to Train Simulator Classic, please contact the 3rd Party team at the email address: