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Diesel Legends of the Great Western offers an entirely new perspective through the train cabs of yesteryear. An age before HSTs and Turbos; Westerns and heritage slammers reigned supreme and you can take control of these long-gone services with Train Sim World 2: Diesel Legends of Great Western, Arriving today!
Diesel Legends of Great Western is the first Add-On to use Train Sim World 2’s Multiple Timetable feature, creating a completely new experience for Great Western Express by transporting you to the early 1970s and the easterly most section of the Great Western Main Line. The Striking BR Blue and BR Blue/Grey liveried Locomotives of that era have been lovingly recreated and liberally weathered to immerse you in what it was like to drive some of the UK’s most famous Diesel’s of that generation. It's a route we all know and love, but it's a different time, with different operations and different trains bought back to life for you to enjoy.
Included with Diesel Legends of Great Western are 3 types of diesel that are synonymous with that era, and BR Mk2 and Mk1 BG Coaches both in BR Blue/Grey livery for you to complete your consists. Feel the power at your disposal as you increase the throttle and head for Reading station from the Cab of the magnificent BR Class 52 “Western”, take on the challenge of driving the BR Class 101 DMU through busy suburban West London stopping regularly and sticking to a busy timetable, then prepare trains to leave Paddington station and shunt stock in Old Oak Common with the tireless BR Class 08.
Your new timetable features 210 new services that are tailored to be more prototypical of a timetable of the era, offering everything from express trains to shunting duties. 5 new and exciting prepared scenarios are also added, these include bringing in the late train with the BR Class 101 DMU, picking up a stranded BR Class 52 with a BR Class 08, then return it to the depot for inspection, and Heading out of Old Oak Common depot to couple up to a waiting Westbound express at Paddington station with a BR Class 52.
If you wish to add even more variety to this extensive pack, Diesel Legends of the Great Western also gives you the freedom to substitute locomotives that are part of the Northern Trans-Pennine into the BR Class 52’s services. All services that are timetabled to be run by a BR Class 52 are fully interchangeable with BR Class 47 and BR Class 45 Diesels, both sporting the BR Blue Liveries. If Mid-sized Diesels are of interest, owners of both Tees Valley Line and the BR Class 31 receive a further 50 services for them to enjoy. These interchangeable locomotives also appear for other A.I controlled services that are happening across the route as you explore it, giving you a more realistic and varied experience as you see other passing trains.
Following the release of Diesel Legends of the Great Western, we will also be including further services as part of the pack, making the content from Preserved Collection’s BR Heavy Freight pack compatible and adding freight services to an already busy timetable. Keep an eye on our Train Sim World 2 Roadmap for further updates relating to this addition.
The BR Class 52 was more commonly known as the ‘Western’, this was thanks to the unique names that all 74 of the locomotives that were built adopted. Each locomotives name starts with Western and is then proceeded with a unique surname, many of which were named after Regimental terms, Royal titles, or aspiration traits. Western Courier, Western Regent, Western fusilier, and Western Lord are but a few of the names you can find in the Diesel Legends of the Great Western, all of the Locomotives from number D1000 to D1073 are included. To help you seek out each of these classic Diesels, here is a handy guide so you don’t forget which cabs you’ve been sitting in. Drive them all and tick them off as you go!
Diesel Legends of the Great Western also brings all of this exciting new content into Train Sim World 2’s Livery Designer. The BR Class 52 wore a variety of liveries when it rolled out of the factory, the 08s had numerous company’s colours, and the BR Mark 1 coaches sported each of the UK’s regional liveries, now you can create your own design!
Train Sim World 2: Diesel Legends of the Great Western is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. To celebrate the launch during our March Madness event on Steam there is a 10% launch discount available.
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