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Wonderful 101!

Efficient, fast and an icon in every right, The DB BR 101 is ready for service in Train Sim World 2!
Train Sim world 2's DB BR 101 Locomotive features a highly detailed, feature-rich, driving cab, authentic sounds and for the first time, Bpmmz 284.4 and Avmmz 106.1 coaches in DB IC livery! Experience this icon for yourself in Train Sim World 2 across 3 engaging scenarios for Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr and 2 services for the upcoming Haupstrecke Hamburg - Lübeck route!
The DB BR 101 is a classic among the modern electric locomotives of Germany, with heritage spanning some of the nation’s most revolutionary designs and continuing the honour by working throughout the Deutsche Bahn network every day.
In the early 1990s, a majority of Germany’s express passenger services were undertaken by locomotives that date back to the 1970s including the DB BR 103 and DB BR 120. Both once-revolutionary locomotives had more than outlived their purpose where they were now hauling heavier trains than they had ever been designed for, this resulted in a lot of damage over time with increasingly poor reliability rates and maintenance costs. Germany was in desperate need of a new express passenger locomotive.
DB signed a deal with ABB which would develop into an order of 145 locomotives, with the first locomotive completed and displayed in the Orient Red livery by July 1996. Around this time, ABB had merged with AEG to form ADtranz, this was beneficial because it meant the future locomotives would be built quicker in multiple locations. Different components were built at a variety of facilities, with the final assembly taking place in Poland. The first of the new DB BR 101 officially entered service in February 1997.
Make sure you tune in to the Railfan TV stream tonight where they'll be putting the DB BR 101 through it's paces on the Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr from 8pm UTC.
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With the DB BR 101 you also get two services for the upcoming Haupstrecke Hamburg - Lübeck route for Train Sim World 2. See the first screens of the 101 on that below.
Train Sim World 4
Wonderful 101!