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Union Pacific’s stupendous and legendary Sherman Hill crossing of America’s Continental Divide is now available for Train Sim World 2.
Union Pacific’s Sherman Hill, one of America’s most historic, legendary, scenic, and busy rail lines, now comes to Train Sim World 2!
Built in the late 1860s as a vital link in America’s Transcontinental Railroad, a century and a half later, Sherman Hill still stands tall as one of the country’s most dynamic and bustling routes for rail tonnage moving across the U. S. And now, the new Train Sim World 2 Sherman Hill route brings all the elements that make Sherman Hill extraordinary – magnificent scenery, tough and demanding grades, heavy tonnage, big motive power, and an endless flow of diverse freight – to full life.
The Train Sim World 2 Sherman Hill route is anchored by two of America’s most renowned railroad cities – Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming. Cheyenne is home to a classic and magnificent Union Pacific depot, UP’s famed shops which are home to its heritage steam fleet, a sprawling yard, and nearby industries. Laramie is likewise a hotspot of Union Pacific main line, yard, and lineside railroading action.
Between Cheyenne and Laramie, the Sherman Hill line – traditionally known as the Laramie Subdivision of UP’s Wyoming Division – stretches across 57 memorable miles of multi-track main line that crosses a rugged spar of the Laramie Mountains and tops the American Continental Divide at 8,015-feet above sea level. With lengthy westbound gradients of up to 1.55 percent, the route is challenging, and it is mesmerizing, too, for its vast High Plains western scenery and classic railroad locations which include Sherman Summit, Dale Junction, and Union Pacific’s 1,800-foot-long Hermosa Tunnels.
Dating to the days of steam and the likes of Union Pacific’s famed 4-8-8-4 Big Boys, Sherman Hill has always been home to super motive power and the new Train Sim World 2 Sherman Hill route features a meticulously modeled Union Pacific EMD SD70ACe plus the venerable and able EMD SD40-2. Accompanying the burly diesels is a selection of contemporary freight equipment and more than 121 timetables services and 6 scenarios which will put you to work totting the diverse and heavy rail tonnage that crosses Sherman Hill in a never-ending flow of traffic, from massive double-stack consists to manifest freight, auto traffic, grain, coal, and more!
As an engineer on the new Train Sim World 2 Union Pacific Sherman Hill route, you’ll climb aboard the advanced and modern 4,300-horsepower, six-axle SD70ACe and take command of lash-ups (including front-end and DPU power sets) generating tens-of-thousands of horsepower, and you’ll also take the throttle of the landmark EMD SD40-2 to tackle local and switching duties.
With priority auto traffic in tow, a trio of modern, high-horsepower EMD SD70ACe diesels make the crossing of Union Pacific’s famed Sherman Hill. In a new route extending from historic Cheyenne to Laramie, Wyoming, Train Sim World 2 now brings this legendary and scenic American route to life!
South of Laramie (east by railroad) on what was once a portion of the original Sherman Hill crossing, a duo of Union Pacific EMD SD40-2s work past the sprawling cement plant. While most famous for its rugged and often remote crossing of the American continental divide, the Sherman Hill route also hosts several large online industries.
Wearing Union Pacific’s classic and long-lived yellow, gray, and red livery, a duo of EMD SD40-2s are working yard duty, a task the veteran diesels are often assigned to. The Union Pacific’s use of vibrant Armour Yellow dates back to 1934 and its earliest streamliners.
On the always bustling Sherman Hill route – long known as the Laramie Subdivision of Union Pacific’s Wyoming Division – freights meet at speed. As it was when constructed in the late 1860s, Sherman Hill today is a vital and busy steel artery for rail tonnage moving across the United States. The line crosses America’s continental divide at an elevation of 8,015 feet above sea level.
A quartet of potent EMD SD70ACe diesels totaling 17,200 horsepower lead a ponderous unit tank train near Hermosa, Wyoming. Train Sim World 2’s Sherman Hill line features the extraordinarily long, heavy, and impressive freight consists that daily pass across the Wyoming High Plains.
With Train Sim World 2’s new Sherman Hill route, you will climb aboard to take the throttle and controls in meticulously re-created and authentic locomotive cabs. The SD70ACe for Train Sim World 2 features state-of-the-art console-style engineer’s controls and realistic operating characteristics and sounds.
Included with the Train Sim World 2 Sherman Hill route are Union Pacific’s Electro-Motive SD40-2, a veteran, 3,000-horsepower second-generation diesel (left) and the contemporary and distinctive EMD SD70ACe (right), a 4,300-horsepower third-generation diesel power house.
Below the tall spire of Union Pacific’s magnificent Cheyenne depot, stack and grain trains pass. Train Sim World 2’s Sherman Hill route features more than 120 timetabled services, six scenarios, and four training scenarios which together re-create the busy and diverse rail traffic that flows constantly over Sherman Hill.
At one of Sherman Hill’s – and America’s – most recognizable and oft-photographed railroad locations, beautiful Union Pacific EMD SD70ACe diesels tote a double-stack intermodal train below the towering rocks at Dale Junction, Wyoming. Experience the challenges, drama, and scenic beauty of American transcontinental railroading – with the now available Train Sim World 2 Sherman Hill route!
Experience all the challenges and enjoyment of an American railroading legend -- with Train Sim World 2’s new Union Pacific Sherman Hill route, available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store and Steam! Join Nat and Matt on Railfan TV tonight as they celebrate the launch. Watch live on Twitch and YouTube at 20:00 UTC 25th November.
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