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Creators Club Beta – Out Now!

Free feature update now available for Train Sim World 2, start creating...
Download the free update for Train Sim World 2 today to get the new Creators Club Beta! The Creators Club Beta is the home of player customisation in Train Sim World 2. Personalise your rail journey with easy-to-use tools, the Livery Designer and Scenario Planner give you everything you need to take control of how your locos look and what they do. You can also now share your work with all players around the world on any platform. To get started launch the game and check out the Creators Club Beta, available from the routes screen.
Your essential reading for the launch of Creators Club:
Creators Club Beta Overview - Find out more about the club, the ways you can explore, how to upload a livery or scenario mod, and how to use mods created by other players.
Taking A Railfan Shot - You'll need to do this to prepare any livery or scenario mod for sharing to the Creators Club.
Read The FAQ - You can find a full FAQ for the Creators Club here. This covers important information about what you can share to the Creators Club Beta and guidelines on official brands.
Creators Club Beta Site - Head to the Creators Club Beta online to browse player creations and log in with your Dovetail Live account to check out your mods / subscriptions.
The Creators Club Beta gives you new ways to play with your favourite routes and locomotives in Train Sim World 2. Join us on Railfan TV tonight on YouTube and Twitch at 8PM UTC as we check out creations from the community.
We can't wait to see what you create, let us know @trainsimworld on Twitter and Facebook.
Train Sim World 3
24 Feb
Creators Club Beta – Out Now!