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The Creators Club Beta is out now, find out more about how you can share your liveries and scenarios with this free update...
The Creators Club Beta is the home of player customisation in Train Sim World 2. In-game tools allow you to develop your own unique liveries and scenarios, bringing your railfan visions to reality. With Creators Club you can upload and share your creations across all platforms – As well as browse liveries and scenarios made by other players from the community. Start creating and play with your favourite locomotives in new and exciting ways.
Read on for an overview of how the Creators Club works in Train Sim World 2 and find out how to prepare your existing creations for the Club.

Join The Club

After the free update goes live, the Creators Club Beta will be accessible from the initial menu for all players. You'll find a new “Creators Club Beta” button below the route selection carousel. Simply select this to enter the Club. You will need to be signed in to a Dovetail Live account to enter, if you are not signed in you will be prompted to either Register or Sign In when selecting Creators Club. If you don't already have a Dovetail Live account, you can create one here.

Time To Explore

When you first enter the Creators Club Beta you will find a variety of options allowing you to explore mods by other Club members to subscribe to and the My Mods area where you can share your creations.
HUB – This is the Creators Club home. Here you will find livery and scenario mods that are either Featured (hand-picked by Dovetail Games), Most Popular (high subscriber counts), or Most Recent (mods that have been uploaded recently). Use this page to discover mods created by the community to subscribe to and try out.
LIVERIES – If it is just livery mods you want, head to this area of the Creators Club Beta. This will show you the most popular and recently uploaded mods made using the Livery Designer tool.
SCENARIOS – Looking for a new challenge or different way to play your favourite route? In this area of the Creators Club Beta you can find the most popular and recently uploaded mods using the Scenario Planner tool.
SUBSCRIPTIONS – This is where you can find all of the livery or scenario mods you have subscribed to. Everything you subscribe to will appear in this list, giving you an easy way to manage your subscriptions or find more mods from your favourite creators.
MY MODS – Here you can add your own livery and scenario mods to the Creators Club. Find out more about how to do this later on in this article.

Subscribe To Mods

When selecting a mod on the Creators Club Beta you will find additional information about that creation on the individual mod page. Here you can see Railfan Shots taken by the creator, relevant tags that have been assigned (eg. Diesel, USA, etc), the size of the mod, number of subscribers, date of upload and a short description. If you like what you see and want to try it out, all you need to do is hit “Subscribe to download” and it will be added to your subscriptions. If you don't own an Add-On required, you will also be told here.

Upload Your Mods

Liveries and scenarios are created in the same way as before, using the Livery Designer and Scenario Planner in game tools. When you have created something you want to share with the world in the Creators Club Beta, you can head to the My Mods area to submit your work. Sharing is not automatic, you choose what to upload and when. To do this you will need to name your mod, select suitable tags, give it a short description and add a minimum of three Railfan Shots showing your mod in action. Once complete your mod can be uploaded to the Club for all to try out across all platforms.

Take a Railfan Shot

When you are submitting your work to the Creators Club Beta you will need to have a selection of Railfan Shots ready. These should show off your creation, they will be needed to add to each individual mod when you upload. You can find a guide to taking Railfan Shots on Dovetail Live.
You can find a full FAQ for the Creators Club Beta on, this includes more information as well as a full list of brands permitted for use. The Creators Club Beta gives you new ways to play with your favourite routes and locomotives in Train Sim World 2, we can't wait to see what you create. Send us your Railfan Shots to @trainsimworld on Twitter and Facebook.
Images displayed in this article may depict content that is still in development. The licensed brands may not have been approved by their respective owner and some artwork may still be pending approval.
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