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Muskie and Gar Update Out Now

The eighth update for Fishing Sim World is now available to download on PC, PlayStation and Xbox One! The highlight of this update is the introduction of three new species of fish – the muskie, tiger muskie and longnose gar. Full notes are as follows;
  • Introduction of muskie, tiger muskie and longnose gar into the appropriate lakes
  • Game localised into Chinese
  • Fixed boat being unable to turn when not moving due to colliding against an object in multiplayer
  • Other minor multiplayer fixes
  • Localisation bug fixes
  • Improved boat audio
  • Updated Gigantica Main Lake select screen to ensure species list includes Bream and Tench
  • Fixed the image in customisation for Fitzgerald Stunner rod as was displaying the Vursa rod
  • Updated the species list in Grand Union canal to include roach
  • Improved lake selection image for Gigantica
  • Fixed cast bar in basic casting mode still showing when cast has been reset
  • Fixed game occasionally crashing when scrolling through items in the shop quickly
  • Boat now glides to a stop when switching to fishing during use of the trolling motor
  • Improved bass swimming animation in anglers log
We are also working very hard on our next update which is another significant one for all players. Current highlights for this update include;
  • Improved bass fighting including bass jumping out of the water
  • New equipment from three new licensed partners
  • Adding Duckett, Missile and Bill Lewis wraps available to the Bass Cat Puma boat
  • Localisation fixes
  • Audio improvements
Fishing Sim World
Muskie and Gar Update Out Now