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Where to find trophy fish
In Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour each of our lakes has its own set of named trophy fish. We want you as a community to help each other in finding the boss fish on our US lakes. As the named trophies will only be found in specific areas you'll need to search the lakes to find them. When you catch a trophy fish. Let us know where and we will update this article with a location. Lake Guntersville Marshall - Largemouth bass - 17lb 7oz Area south of Polecat Hollow. Found by Mitchell McWhirter. Mardi - Spotted bass - 8lb 0oz Near Davidson Hollow. Hunley - Spotted bass - 8lb 2oz To the east of the eastern bridge on the lake. Payne - Channel catfish - 40lb 6oz Near Lindsay Hollow. Weevil - Black crappie - 4lb 6oz North of Lindsay Hollow. Cheaha - Largemouth bass - 17lb 2oz - North of the left road bridge in the middle of the lake. Found by Bigtimer J. Jackson - Smallmouth bass - 11lb 6oz East part of Davidson Hollow. Found by Magnificent_3000. Pearl - White crappie - 4lb 14oz South of Guntersville Harbour boat ramp. Scottsboro - Muskellunge - 19lb 15oz North and west of Lindsay Hollow. Sent in by scrambler2686. McClellan - Smallmouth Bass - 10lb 10oz Around Polecat Hollow. Lake Travis Frito - Smallmouth bass - 4lb 8oz In a section near the Colorado River end of the lake. Oscar - Channel catfish - 16lb 15oz Towards the north end of the lake. Claudette - Largemouth bass - 15lb 8oz Near the southern end of the lake. Wooly - Longnose gar - 20lb 3oz Towards the north end of the lake. Lone Star - Largemouth bass - 15lb 15oz Near Barrel Hollow. Houston - Spotted bass - 14lb 2oz East of Long Hollow. Caught by Mousaka_H. Cosmo - Rainbow Trout - 3lb 6oz North end of the lake. Maverick - Channel Catfish - 17lb 2oz Between Broad Hollow and Lime Creek. Caught by mdgplaysgames. Goliad - Smallmouth bass - 4lb 10oz Lime Creek. Pecos - Spotted bass - 13lb 13oz East of the bottom right boat ramp. Lake Miller Bloomer - Smallmouth bass - 9lb 6oz Close to Mason Creek. Mr Green - Northern pike - 38lb 5oz East of Sunshine Shores. Madison - Largemouth bass - 12lb 4oz Around Badger Creek. Badger - Walleye - 18lb 6oz Near Miller Marina. MacArthur - Brown trout - 19lb 2oz North of Heafford Boat Ramp. O'Keeffee - Yellow Perch - 4lb 3oz Close to Wast Town Bay. Willow - Tiger Muskellunge - 52lb 3oz North east corner of the lake. Lake Boulder Skud - Smallmouth bass - 7lb 10oz In the Southern Wall area. Tempest - Chain pickerel - 6lb 8oz North of Southern Wall. Cavalier - Largemouth bass - 11lb 14oz South of Northern Face Boris - Brown trout - 22lb 60z In the South Shallows area. Porthos - Muskie - 73lb 5oz Just to the west of Darby Boat Ramp. Bluey - Bluegill - 2lb 10oz Not far from Tempest's location. Bofors - Largemouth Bass - 12lb 0oz Lily Bay. Patrick - Longnose Gar - 13lb 9oz Head southeast along the coast from Bob's Marina to the little island. Lake Johnson Larry - Largemouth bass - 15lb 6oz Just off Marsh Point. Gator - Longnose gar - 30lb 1oz In the area around Baker's Bay. Trudy - Yellow perch - 1lb 7oz Around Lily Shores. Casey - Chain pickerel - 5lb 6oz Near the Casey's Cove boat ramp. Poseidon - Largemouth bass - 15lb 10oz South part of Baker's Bay Mockingbird - White crappie - 2lb 12oz North west of Magnus Island. Noah - Black crappie - 2lb 9oz Marsh Point area.
9 months ago
Top 5 Tips for catching Carp & Coarse Fish in Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour
The key to catching carp in Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour is connecting all the dots to ensure you are fishing effectively. Here’s how; 1. Use your eyes When you arrive at the lake, look across the water for fish shows. These can be one of two things, either the fish crashing out of the water or bubbles coming up to the surface. Either of these indicate where the fish are and where you should be casting. 2. Use the correct rig The rigs in the game are best used over one of the three bed types found on the lake bed – silt, weed or gravel. When you have chosen the rig you want to use, find that type of lake bed to fish over. It is not effective to use a silt rig and be fishing in weed. 3. Use the correct bait Similarly to the rigs, the baits tell you how they behave in the water and how big they are. Ensure that the bait you are using matches the rig in terms of presentation and size. For example, you don’t want to be fishing a large sinking bait on a small (say size 8) rig when fishing over weed as the fish won’t find it! 4. Use your spod rod You’ve seen where fish are, you have a rig and bait that match the lake bed so now you just sit back and wait for it to happen? No – equip your spod rod and cast out free offerings to the fish – this will attract the fish in the area and draw more in from further afield. 5. Work your swim he final tip – work the area of water that your swim covers. You’ve seen the fish show in the vicinity but they may not be moving a great deal and you have cast 20 yards away from where they are. Start off by casting to the left of your swim and then keep recasting slowly moving more and more right across the water until you find where they are. Good luck!
a year ago
Top 5 Tips for catching Predators in Fishing Sim World
The key to catching bass in Fishing Sim World is to ensure you are fishing effectively. Here’s how; 1. Use your sonar or watch the water - When you are driving along the lake in your boat, you’re sonar is giving you information on the current depth of the water and it is showing fish icons when you pass over any. The sonar is located under the middle of your boat so if you pass over fish, turn round and go back to the spot that you located them. If you are fishing from the shoreline, look for splashes and ripples in the water. 2. Consider the weather - The weather conditions and light levels are going to play a huge part in what lures will be most effective. Clear skies will favour the shiny or metallic coloured lures such as the Rat L Trap Chrome Blue Black. Cloudy conditions favour brighter colours such as the Rat L Trap Red Crawfish. 3. Fish the right depth - The lures in the game operate at different depths of the water and you need to choose the correct lure based on what depth you have seen the fish showing at on your radar. There is no point fishing for them near the surface if the radar showed they were at the bottom of 30ft of water. 4. Use the correct retrieval - The lures have different retrieval methods associated to them based which can be seen in their explanation when you select them. Ensure you use one of the appropriate retrieval methods to ensure they lure is attractive as possible to the fish. 5. Work your swim - The final tip – work the area of water that your boat covers. You’ve seen the fish on your radar but they may have moved off slightly. Start off by casting to the left of your boat and then keep recasting, slowly moving more and more right across the water until you find where they are. Good luck!
2 years ago
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