Fishing Sim World

January Update out now for Fishing Sim World

Our next update for Fishing Sim World, ‘The January Update’ is now available across all platforms. Full notes are below;
  • Reduced the duration at the start and end of reeling to make it feel more responsive
  • When loading into a lake the map won't be blurry anymore for the first couple seconds
  • Players will now have one, 1 hour attempt for lakes they don't own in live events
  • Added in sounds for boat collision
  • Increased the variables in AI anglers scores based on their skill level so AI positions in leaderboards are more random
  • Localised text improvements
  • Added ability to delete a tackle box when editing your own ones
  • Fixed line physics when casting long distances
  • Fixed issue where lure would still create splashes on the surface even when a fish is on it
  • Fixed issue where fish won't be netted if using a long rod by increasing the netting distance
  • Fixed clothing customisation not correctly applied in the shop
The update following on from ‘The January Update’ is well underway and current highlights for this are as follows;
  • Added mechanism to allow fish to leap. Bass behaviour is set up so that it can now leap out of water. Bass diving behaviour has now been rebalanced to work with leaping.
  • Improved line tension behaviour when fighting bass
  • Improved collision issues with boats in particular being able to steer the boat when applying throttle when stuck
  • Boat glides to a stop when turning rather than immediately stopping when switching from trolling to fishing
  • Fixed characters being able to enter a boat when fishing from a jetty
  • Ensured the sound of striking into a fish is heard correctly when bass fishing
  • Improved ambient audio
  • Ensured you cannot interact with other people’s line on a boat in multiplayer
  • Localisation improvements
Fishing Sim World
January Update out now for Fishing Sim World