Bill Lewis in Focus

We were absolutely delighted to announce recently that one of our partners at the launch of Fishing Sim World will be Bill Lewis who are famous for the Rat-L-Trap but as this article will explain, that is not their only offering anymore…. Bill Lewis is the creator of the famous Rat-L-Trap which is actually a lipless crankbait that he designed in the 1960’s. This design created the category of lures that have become known as “rattle baits”. In the early days Bill would sell the lures from his old station wagon car that he called the “rattle trap” and this is how he came up with the name of his lure.

By the 1980’s the Rat-L-Trap had become one of the top selling lures in the USA and Bill Lewis was running a factory with over 400 employees.


The Rat-L-Trap continued to go from strength to strength and soon became regarded as THE lure to have in your tackle box. From its humble beginnings there are now over 350 variations of sizes and colours of Rat-L-Traps to choose from as well as saltwater lures, customization options and a full apparel line.


In fact, the Rat-L-Trap has been so successful it has won countless awards and been described by Outdoor Life Magazine as ‘the most influential lure of all time’. However, that isn’t all that Bill Lewis has to offer now…..


In 2015 Bill Lewis launched the Echo 1.75 which brings a dynamic blend of bio-acoustics and laser-imaging that are redefining look and sound of “squarebill” crankbaits. With a wide-kicking vibration and loud-rattle in the water, the ECHO is ideal for helping fish find it in stained to muddy water, or in low-light conditions. Also, the ECHO comes through cover like a squarebill should, and is perfect for deflecting wood, rock, and ripping over submerged vegetation.


This was followed up in 2016 with the launch of the StutterStep which was originally designed for tigerfish in Zimbabwe and is all about demanding attention. This is a topwater like no other in that it will walk with 90 to 180 degree turns allowing the angler to keep it next to a strike zone much longer than traditional walking lures. It can also be retrieved fast with rod twitches setting off a tail kick that drives fish crazy.

Both these products from Bill Lewis have complimented the Rat-L-Trap perfectly and taken the industry by storm. Furthermore, a new mid-range diving crankbait will be released at ICAST 2018. Called the MR-6 (mid-range 6ft), this is another product that is sure to be a success!


We are delighted to be able to feature a selection of Rat-L-Trap and Echo 1.75 lures in Fishing Sim World and hope they prove as successful for you in game as they have done on lakes across the USA! We will also be adding StutterStep products as well as further options from the range of ‘Traps and Echo’s in the future.

Make sure you head over to Bill Lewis’ social media to keep up to date on all the latest news and product releases;






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