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Be it training, timetables or tailored tasks, ‘Journeys’ is your new way to experience life on the rails – simply start a journey on a route and delve into 24 or more hours of strung together duties. Everything is sequential, allowing you to continuously play through each chapter or drop back into the menu and get to work in any order you like. Journeys are available on Peninsula Corridor, Main-Spessart Bahn, Long Island Rail Road, Northern Trans-Pennine, Great Western Express and CSX Heavy Haul (PC Only).
As you progress, either through Journeys or simply with the scenarios and timetables, watch yourself naturally improve by checking your Action Points score and evaluating your performance with our new debriefing systems.
To see what duties lie ahead, you can view your timetable while on the move, and it now shows you what objectives there are left to complete as well as what you have already done.
The main menu has also received a refresh, allowing you to see stats for each route so you know how many individual services and scenarios you’ve completed, what your total mileage is on each particular route, and how many jobs you have left to complete. Scenarios and services are now listed on the left of the screen, with the route map now appearing on the right, and your attained medals are now visible so you can see them and know how you are getting on.
Other areas have been streamlined as well, you no longer have to log into your profile every time you start Train Sim World, it will now instead remember your last login and get you straight to the route selection screen. You can still log out and switch profiles from the player profile menu. Another change is bringing the locomotive selection and weather options screens into one, making selecting your experience even quicker. You also now have the ability to select the diorama in which the locomotives are displayed in, a new “rural” scene has been added, and more will join the selection in the future.
For an even more in-depth look at all the changes that have been made with Train Sim World 2020, in the menus, HUD, and routes/locomotives, see our full list of patch notes.


Both new and existing players can purchase Train Sim World 2020 or Train Sim World 2020 Deluxe Edition to add some fantastic routes to your collection. Here's what you can expect...
Northern Trans-Pennine: Set in the bygone and diesel-rich British Rail era of 1983, this hillside main line sees 42 miles of aging rail between the hubs of Manchester and Leeds via Huddersfield, following the path of historic canals, with iconic traction such as the BR Class 45 and 47 on express passenger duties, and the heritage BR Class 101 filling in on local services. Time machines don’t get much more “hellfire” than this.
Main-Spessart Bahn: This stunning 52km stretch between Aschaffenburg and Gemünden forms part of a major freight and regional passenger link in Bavaria, Germany and is one of the oldest railway lines of the land. Set before the new tunnel opened, you’ll be pulling and pushing heavy freight along the famed “Spessartrampe” with the DB BR 185.2, and taking passengers for a journey to remember from the cab of the DB BR 146.2, or the Doppelstock control car.
Long Island Rail Road: The 42-mile western end of the “LIRR” carries hundreds of thousands of commuters in and out of New York City every weekday, and it’s up to you to keep on schedule while operating key services out of both New York Penn and Atlantic Terminal, via the heart of the route, Jamaica, and onwards to Hempstead and Hicksville – all achieved by the LIRR’s expansive fleet of modern M7 units.
Great Western Express: Featuring the bustling 36 miles of Great Western Main Line between London Paddington and Reading, you’ll be whisking passengers along the Thames valley at 125mph aboard the iconic High Speed Train, getting commuters into the heart of London on the BR Class 166, and keeping Britain’s modern rail freight industry alive with the workhorse BR Class 66.
CSX Heavy Haul (PC Only): Winding its way through some 50 miles of forestry, valleys and peaks, CSX’s Keystone Subdivision plays host to key coal, stack and autorack tonnage through the rugged Allegheny Mountains. The star of the show is CSX’s fleet of AC4400CW locomotives which, alongside the classic SD40-2, manages the majority of freight traffic along the grades – meanwhile, the GP38-2 gets in on the action and also serves as a switcher.

Digital Deluxe Edition

Stretching south from the fabulous “City by the Bay,” down the busy and scenic San Francisco Peninsula, is one of America’s most captivating and remarkable rail lines – the Peninsula Corridor of California – and it is available now! The enthralling 47 route miles extending from San Francisco’s 4th & King Street station to San Jose Diridon station, you get to explore one of America’s most dynamic and progressive commuter railroads – Caltrain.
Train Sim World’s Peninsula Corridor is available as a standalone route, and also available as part of Train Sim World 2020: Digital Deluxe Edition.
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Train Sim World
Train Sim World 2020 OUT NOW!
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