CATAN - Console Edition

Cities & Knights and Bloom & Grow – Coming 21st February!

One of CATAN’s most popular expansions, Cities & Knights, is right around the corner, along with the Spring Content pack. Are you ready?

What’s shaking, Catanians?
We’ve got an extra special serving of news and goodies for your eyeballs this day, so buckle up buckaroos as we take a leisurely canter down to CATAN – Console Edition town.
Cities & Knights
Picture the scene: You’ve upgraded your settlements to cities, you’ve dealt with that pesky robber, and things are looking good. Except... What’s that on the horizon? Seagulls maybe? But they’re not moving naturally enough to be seagulls... Uh oh...
Boats carrying loot-hungry barbarian hordes are descending upon the Island of Catan and it’s up to you and your fellow players to shore up your defences and repel the impending barbarian invasion!
This is Cities & Knights – a fan-favourite and highly-regarded expansion to CATAN; and it’s coming to PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, X/S, and Nintendo Switch on 21st February!
Take stock of new commodities, develop your cities into burgeoning metropolises, rally and upgrade your knights, and compete with your rivals to become the winning Catanian. Be prepared to set aside your differences and form uneasy alliances with your fellow players to face down the looming barbarian threat in the greater defence of Catan. Get ready to return to CATAN and tackle the new challenges this expansion is sure to bring.
Exciting stuff, right? But be under no illusion dear reader that Cities & Knights marks a significant departure from the original CATAN – Console Edition game in terms of complexity and skill required. There are countless more options available to you in your bid for success, the games tend to last a bit longer, there are more unique mechanics to contend with, and there is more interaction with your fellow players. It’s an expansion in name only; Cities & Knights might as well be a different game entirely. If you loved CATAN – Console Edition but felt that you would relish more of challenge, then Cities & Knights is the expansion for you.
Bloom & Grow
If you’ve been keeping tabs on our cool and unique content packs that we’ve released since October of last year, then you’ll know that CATAN – Console Edition has seen a spooky Hallowe’en themed content pack arrive in the form of Reap & Sow, as well as the brrrrilliant and snowy themed Ice & Snow. It only makes sense then that as winter releases its biting cold grip, a spring-themed content pack will surely raise its head out of the frost-ladened ground. Introducing; Bloom & Grow – the Spring Content Pack.
Much like our previous seasonal content packs, Bloom & Grow is sure to bring a veritable treasure-trove of seasonal goodies for you and your friends to enjoy, including:
  • Spring-themed artwork, including tiles, dice, and frames.
  • New characters!
  • A cute and adorable bunny rabbit skin for the Robber
  • World objects such as trees in bloom, baby lambs, rainbows, dolphins, chocolate eggs, and chirping birds!
  • Lush UI overlays with flowers, new leaves, and blossoms.
Everything you need to shake off the cobwebs and shift those January blues as friends and family gather round for another bash at CATAN – Console Edition!
Albeit brief, we’ve hoped you enjoyed this glimpse into what we’ve got in store for you come the 21st of February, so be sure to mark your calendars as this one is going to be a doozy! Be sure to check back here on the day so where we’ll be sharing a bit more about what’s in store, and also check out our official CATAN – Console Edition website to see what else we’ve got!
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See you down the road, Catanians!
CATAN - Console Edition
5 Feb
Cities & Knights and Bloom & Grow – Coming 21st February!