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TS21: Just Trains' Marsdonshire Out Now!

Marsdonshire is a fictional UK network from Just Trains, with around 160 miles to explore, giving you a great range of tasks and a variety of interesting places to visit in this contemporary county.
The railway network in Marsdonshire has always supplied vital links between the various communities and industrial centres. Across the network you'll discover:
  • 23 stations
  • A coal mining company
  • Forestry commission
  • Railway heritage centres
  • A slate mine
  • A mountainous snow-capped ski centre line
  • Car manufacturing and distribution centres
  • Two large rail depots
  • Dockyards
  • Cement works/quarry
  • A power station
  • A high security army base
Timber, coal, slate, cement and military vehicles, amongst other items, can be transported across the network. There are two railway heritage museums, several large sidings and numerous other points of interest can be found along every part of the network, including an airport, motor racing circuit, Royal Navy assault ship berthed at the docks and the seaside town of Marsdon, which boasts a pier complete with a private railway line and station platform. An electrified main line links the two main cities in the county and a rural line takes passengers and freight through glorious hills and moorland. Another route skirts around the coastline.
Welcome to the extensive railway network in the county of Marsdonshire!
Train Simulator
16 Oct
TS21: Just Trains' Marsdonshire Out Now!
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