Train Simulator

Train Simulator 2021 - Out Now!

Take to the rails on authentic locos and discover real-world routes as the latest Train Simulator release arrives on Steam!
Train Simulator 2021 is out now on Steam! With new Steam Workshop functionality that makes it easier than ever to access user-created content for all your Add-Ons, improvements to content loading to reduce out of memory loading errors and a Deluxe Edition that includes our brand-new route West Coast Main Line South: London Euston – Birmingham!
There is so much to see and experience in Train Simulator 2021, here are ten things to do this weekend as you’re playing the new release:

1) Drive Scenarios

Scenarios are a guided experience, with instructions and waypoints, which allow you to perform all matters of duties. There are two main types of guided scenario; Standard is straightforward “get the job done”, you can generally take your time, but the pressure is on for Career scenarios, where tight timetables and specific instructions should be adhered to, so as to avoid a penalty.

2) Discover Steam Workshop

New-improved Steam Workshop functionality provides easy access to hundreds of user-created scenarios. It's now much easier to find the content you want with the new Workshop page in Drive and you can also narrow down your search by selecting whether you want to look for scenarios for a specific route or loco that you own! All of this, without ever leaving Train Simulator! Read More!

3) Head Out with Quick Drive

Want to just jump in and drive, see that specific location again, or refresh your route knowledge? Quick Drive is the option. With Quick Drive, you can select practically any train in your collection, and then pick the consist, choose from the available routes, decide your start and end points, set the season, weather and time to your liking, and drive!

4) Take Screenshots

Take on the role of a virtual photographer and go on the search for that perfect screenshot! Pressing F12 will capture any moment and pressing CTRL+S this will take a shot without the on-screen clutter of the HUD! Why not try to make that screenshot even more impressive by adding a creative filter to your game, from Black & White to Sepia there's sure to be something for you. Enter our weekly screenshot competition for your chance to be featured in our loading screens!

5) Hone your skills with the Academy

If you are new to Train Simulator, or simply trains in general (welcome!) then the Academy is a fantastic resource that comes with the core package that will run you through the basics of train operations, as well as naturally getting you used to the Train Simulator control layout.

6) Haul Freight on the Clinchfield Railroad

Take the throttle of the venerable EMD F7, the workhorse EMD SD40, and the versatile EMD GP38, all in CRR yellow-and-gray and back-and-yellow liveries as you haul freight through the magnificent Appalachians on the Clinchfield Railroad with a variety of freight rolling stock!

7) Learn Steam on Fife Circle

Experience life from the footplate and be ready to master one of Train Simulators toughest challenges with Gresley’s LNER A4 Pacific in BR Brunswick Green Livery on the Fife Circle Line. Keep an eye on your boiler pressure and add coal and water when you need to. Open your regulator and balance your cut-off to manage your speed and give passengers a taste of a bygone era!

8) Master Passenger Services on Nordeustche-Bahn

The Kiel-Lübeck Railway will allow you to experience Schleswig-Holstein at its scenic best, aboard hard-working traction such as the DB BR 648 DMU in DB Regio Livery and DB BR 218 in DB Traffic Red livery as you are tasked with taking passengers across stunning vistas and through the heart of forested plains.

9) Create your own scenario

With the new Steam Workshop functionality making it easy for users to download community content why not have a go at creating a scenario yourself using our powerful Scenario Editor. //‘Click here’// for instructions on just how you can do that and then share your creativity with others!

10) Join the Community

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned driver, we have a wide range of community activities for you to get involved with. Discuss the latest news on our official forums, watch us play Train Simulator on Twitch and keep up to date with all the latest announcements on Facebook and Twitter!
This list only brushes the surface of what Train Simulator has to offer and you can experience all of this and so much more in Train Simulator 2021, out now on Steam!
Train Simulator
Train Simulator 2021 - Out Now!
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