Train Simulator

Train Simulator 2020 – Out Now!

Take on new challenges and enhance your journey with Train Simulator 2020, which is available now

Bustling Bavaria

Take charge of vital passenger and freight services over stunning Bavarian terrain with the famed Nuremberg & Regensburg Bahn, a historic and important route that aids in the cross-border links between Germany, Austria and Eastern Europe that is brand new and exclusive to Train Simulator 2020.

A New Forest Adventure

Take to the Hampshire rails aboard commuter, summer holiday and heritage traffic with South Western Main Line: Southampton – Bournemouth, a popular mainline that winds its way through woodland hillsides and famed dockyard towns.

Carolina Classic

Experience the challenges and captivating appeal of American branch line railroading with the Norfolk Southern N-Line route – classic diesel power roars to life on the “saw tooth”, industry-heavy line from Salisbury to Halls Ferry, North Carolina, upon which you’ll be undertaking local switching duties and serving the N-Line’s various customers.

Customisation Galore

From turning the time back with yesteryear filters, or giving your collection a whole new lease of life with ambient occlusion, now you have control over how you want Train Simulator to look and feel. Not only that, but new personalisation features on the menu get you in and enjoying your favourite content quicker than ever before.

And over to You

If you already own Train Simulator, then the free update (including all the new customisation options) will download automatically from Steam.
Once you’ve got your hands on the new features, test them out while taking to the Hampshire, North Carolina or Bavaria rails, or delve into your collection – the possibilities are endless with Train Simulator 2020, and it’s available now!

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Train Simulator
Train Simulator 2020 – Out Now!
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