TS18: The Wiesel – Up Close

The ÖBB CityShuttle Wiesel and ÖBB 1144 are coming soon, courtesy of Skyhook Games and Railworks Austria, and it is shaping up to be authentically crafted and extensively detailed, Pro Range-suitable traction – let’s take a look.

Variety Galore

A total of 6 ÖBB 1144 variants are included, representing different builds of the locomotive throughout its lifetime. The biggest change between each is the cooling fan arrangement/type, where some locomotives have been built with “silencer” fans, and others with different meshes to cope with different conditions etc. A weathered variant is also included.

The cab car and coaches are provided with both standard ÖBB branding, and “Wiesel” overlays, and both come with clean and dirty versions to match the locomotive condition as necessary.

Authentic Features

The unique characteristics of the ÖBB 1144 shine in this upcoming add-on; everything from the involved start-up procedure, to the one-of-a-kind controls and systems have been fully represented, and the cab car features its own, classic 90s layout.

You’re not alone however, the manual takes you through every step required to master every aspect of either cab, and to get you up and running you can allow the locomotive to auto-complete its cold start sequence while you read-up.

The Little Things

Aboard the CityShuttle, the passenger doors are controlled by the passengers, with the driver only in control of locking and unlocking of them. To replicate this, Skyhook and Railworks Austria have made the coaches’ doors animate randomly, as if being opened and closed by passengers.

Unlike most other locomotives, the ÖBB 1144 does not feature a reverse function in the conventional sense. Instead of selecting direction, a separate auxiliary driving control is used to operate the locomotive in reverse. This is described as unique, but cumbersome, so drivers often find changing cabs to be easier.

When driving like normal however, you must pay attention to the bank of lights to the right of the cab, as not following the procedure for applying power will result in you going nowhere anytime soon!

The Scenarios

The CityShuttle rolling stock is used across Austria, wherever capacity is concerned, and this is true along the Austrian rails of the scenic Three Country Corner route, where you will be at the helm of the ÖBB 1144, or the cab car, operating key services through the Alps.

Of course, through the means of Quick Drive you will be able to take the Wiesel wherever you desire, including the popular Semmeringbahn.

Take a look by browsing through the screenshots below, and watch this space for when we bring you more on the ÖBB CityShuttle Wiesel and ÖBB 1144, which are coming soon to Train Simulator.










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