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TS18: The Black Five

The Stanier Class 5 is coming soon to Train Simulator and promises complete authenticity, and to help share the absolute detail with you, we asked Bossman Games some questions!

What made you choose the Black Five?

Having been a player since Rail Simulator, I always had a fondness of the Black 5. Having come from MSTS it was amazing to have such a highly detailed model and 3D cab that you could freely look around. Since then, however, the quality bar has been constantly pushed and the Black 5 became more and more outdated. Being one of the most numerous classes of loco in the UK – a go anywhere, do anything loco – and my fondness of the class from Rail Simulator I had a vision to create the most detailed, realistic loco possible in TS. I simply felt it was about time the Black 5 had the makeover it deserved!

What was the most challenging aspect of re-creating the Black Five?

The most challenging aspect of recreating the Black Five was probably the cab. I wanted to recreate the atmosphere – the dirt, grime, the polished brass etc. We worked closely with Master Key Simulation who helped us create beautiful textures that really make this cab stand out from the crowd. At speed you can really get immersed in the cab – the noise is deafening, the gauge needles wobble and shake around and if you stick your head out the window you can even hear the wind!

Well it is certainly looking the part, just how detailed are we talking about?

I think the best way to answer that question would be to show you! I have already done a few preview live streams of the Black 5 and they are available to watch on Facebook.

And atop all that, what is included exactly?

  • 45407 The Lancashire Fusilier (circa 2017)
  • 45407 as 45157 The Glasgow Highlander (circa 2018)
  • 44871 & 45212 (circa 2018)
  • RETB system compatible with the West Highland Line Extension
  • BR liveries with and without AWS
  • LMS liveries – plain black and lined black
  • Weathered and clean variations
  • Welded and rivetted tenders
  • Complete soundset recorded from 45407 on a mainline tour, and 45379 from the Mid-Hants Railway.
  • MK2a "Bossman Railways" Support Coach
  • Mk1 Coaches with BR1 bogies
  • General Utility Van in BR Maroon
  • 16t Mineral Wagon
  • Brake Van
  • 6 career scenarios for West Highland Line Extension, 2 career scenarios for Settle to Carlisle and 2 career scenarios for North Wales Coastal

That sounds pretty impressive! What can we expect to see next?

Next up will be a revamp of the LMS Jubilee Class. It's in the latter stages of development, and a sound recording session has been arranged which we are very much looking forward to!
We have also had discussions with a loco owning society based in London who are very keen to see their loco created to this standard in TS – more on that soon!
A big thanks to Bossman Games for taking the time to give us an insight into their stunning Stanier Class 5, which is coming soon to Train Simulator, deservedly in a Pro Range fashion!
44871 puts on a display upon departure from Chester, propelling the ‘North Wales Coast Express’ railtour along scenic cross-country views (above). As 44871 passes, we get a good look at the support coach, a Mk2a resplendent in Maroon (below).
Perhaps one of the most famous duties for the Black Fives in recent times is a steam-hauled return trip along the West Highland Railway from Fort William to Mallaig (above). Fitted with RETB signalling, 45407 ‘The Lancashire Fusilier’ dominates the highlands from all angles (below).
Double heading spectacular. A pair of preserved Black Fives work a railtour along a wintry Settle to Carlisle railway, their roaring fires melting the ice in their way (above), as the duo hold up a local freight move, seen from the incredible cab (below).
Rails knit the English/Welsh border together, and in both service and preservation, the Black Five remains a needle that made both history and fame. From Bossman Games, the simply fantastic Stanier Class 5 is coming soon to Train Simulator!
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TS18: The Black Five
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