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TS18: Stanier’s Stunning 842

A total of 842 “Black Five” locomotives were built for the London Midland and Scottish and later British Railways; and soon, a truly definitive add-on will be unleashed, in the form of Partner Programme developer Bossman Games’ fantastic LMS Stanier Class 5!
What became one of the more memorable locomotives in British rail history starts its story in the early 1930s, when William Stanier, Chief Mechanical Engineer of the London Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS), sought to design a new and suitably powerful mixed-traffic locomotive. In his early LMS days, Stanier used his engineering skills which he acquired while working for GWR, however steadily refining and honing in on his own unique style of locomotive.
When the LMS needed more powerful traction, Stanier’s response was equivalent to the GWR’s Hall Class, a 4-6-0 with a rating of 5 for passenger, and 5 for freight – the Stanier Class 5.
Originally the Class 5 fleet was known as “Black Stanier”, in contrast to the “Red Stanier” Jubilee Class; however when ‘5’ was seen adorned on the cabside from 1940 onwards, a new “Black Five” name befell the fleet.
The do-anything attitude of the Black Five saw their popularity rise with both crews and enthusiasts alike – it could turn up almost anywhere, get the job done, and look good while doing it – the fleet of 842 was a familiar sight right up until the end of steam.
The Black Fives were sadly scrapped in droves, but an impressive 18 were saved for use on both preservation railways and mainline railtours, and the preserved fleet has a history of ‘acting’ by means of temporary alternative numbers to revive lost members of the class.
An appearance from the Black Five isn’t anything new in Train Simulator, quite the opposite in fact, with it actually representing one of the oldest locomotives in the sim. However, the upcoming Stanier Class 5 from Bossman Games is to arrive with no comparison…
  • Circa-2018 representations of preserved 45407, 44871 & 45212, including 45407's appearance as 45157 “The Glasgow Highlander”
  • British Railways with Early & Late Emblem, Clean & Weathered
  • LMS 1930s Lined Black, Unlined Black both Clean & Weathered
  • Welded and rivetted tenders
  • MK1 Coaches in BR Maroon with BR1 bogies
  • Circa-2018 MK2A BFK Support Coach
With the ability to drive any example of the class, in both LMS and BR eras, plus preserved examples, a whole range of advanced features, incredible detail throughout, 10 Career scenarios and so much more, the Stanier Class 5 will rightfully earn its place within the Pro Range when it arrives for Train Simulator! ■
A preserved Black Five No. 45212 (originally 5212) warms up ready for heritage duty on the main lines of Britain (above). With the locomotive stationary, it gives us a chance to get a close up look at the incredible detail on offer with Bossman Games’ upcoming Stanier Class 5 pack (below).
The cab is something of a masterpiece, and a key aspect of bringing the Black Fives to life. No detail has been left to the imagination, even the speedometer needle and reverser handle wobble as you get going!
More immersive features present themselves as we explore Bossman Games’ Stanier Class 5, multiple external “cab” views let you manually fill various sanders and lubricators, even open the smokebox! All this and much, much more, coming soon to Train Simulator with Bossman Games’ stunning Stanier Class 5!
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TS18: Stanier’s Stunning 842
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