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TS19: ÖBB 4744 ‘Cityjet’ – Out Now

Get a taste of something modern with the state-of-the-art ÖBB 4744 ‘Cityjet’, which thanks to the efforts of Skyhook Games and Railworks Austria is now available for Train Simulator in fully authentic fashion!
First appearing on Austrian rails in 2015, the ÖBB 4744 is part of the Desiro family of trains, and is designated “Desiro ML” to signify its main-line status. A total of 70 were built for ÖBB who intended to use them on “Cityjet” services – boasting high speed and high comfort on some of the railway network’s most densely populated urban areas.
Stylish in design, the ÖBB 4744s are fully air-conditioned, completely accessible, fitted with dynamic lighting, adjustable seating and foldaway tables. They have multi-purpose areas for bicycle and pushchair storage, and can seat almost 260 people; combined with their top speed of 160 km/h, they are perfectly suited to keeping passengers moving reliably, comfortably and timely.
With that in mind, it seems a fitting unit to have in Train Simulator, and between the combined hard work of Skyhook Games and Railworks Austria, you can step into the cab and get to grips with this modern masterpiece, and test your timetable-keeping skills on key ‘Cityjet’ services!

Key Features

  • ÖBB 4744 EMU in ÖBB white and red ‘Cityjet’ livery
  • Authentic cab controls
  • Accurate passenger view
  • Start-up procedure
  • Cruise control function
  • ”Roadrunner” train length indicator
  • Changeable destination displays
  • PZB90 and SIFA implementation
  • 3 Career scenarios for the Semmeringbahn - Mürzzuschlag to Gloggnitz route
  • Quick Drive compatible
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23 Aug
TS19: ÖBB 4744 ‘Cityjet’ – Out Now
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