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TS19: ÖBB 1144 & CityShuttle Wiesel Update Available Now

In response to your important feedback, we have today released an update for the ÖBB 1144 & CityShuttle Wiesel on behalf of Skyhook Games.
Here’s the full changelist:
  • The exterior sounds of the ÖBB 1144 are now louder
  • Added Quick Drive consist for the LZB-fitted ÖBB 1144
  • Made it so the ÖBB 1144 can appear as AI in Quick Drive on the Three Country Corner route
  • Fixed issues with the cab of the LZB-fitted ÖBB 1144
  • Fixed an issue where using the mirrors in the cab cars would cause scripting issues
  • Fixed an issue where the labels for the loco controls were missing accents
  • Fixed the ventilation grid texture on the double decker coaches
  • Fixed an animation issue with the gauge needles
If you own the ÖBB 1144 & CityShuttle Wiesel, the update will download automatically from Steam. If you have any problems/queries in regards to the update, leave a comment below or submit a ticket to our support site where our Support Team will be ready to assist.

No Updated Content? Steam File Verify

In the unlikely event that Steam fails to update the Add-Ons listed in the article, you’ll need to perform a file verify and ensure Steam provisions your installation properly. Follow the instructions link to below to perform a file verify to reset your installation to default. Note that this process can take some time to complete and, if you have a high number of Add-Ons, we’d recommend you do this overnight.
If you find that after the file verify has completed, you are confident you have not received the update, please contact our Support Team by submitting a ticket to our support site where someone will assist you directly.
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10 Dec
TS19: ÖBB 1144 & CityShuttle Wiesel Update Available Now
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