Train Simulator

Introducing Train Simulator 2020

Climb aboard the latest instalment in the 10-year strong Train Simulator series and challenge yourself to drive diesel, electric and steam locomotives from across the globe with Train Simulator 2020. Coming September 19th to Steam, TS20 features a new selection of routes and new features to make your train simulation experience all the more personal!

Included routes

Whether you’re hauling freight through the forested hills of North Carolina on Norfolk-Southern N-Line, transporting holiday-seeking passengers along the South Western Main Line or exploring the Danube valley with the new exclusive route, a range of experiences await you in TS20.
  • Nuremberg & Regensburg Railway (Exclusive!)
  • South Western Main Line: Southampton – Bournemouth
  • Norfolk Southern N-Line

Iconic locos

The incredible authenticity of the locomotives in Train Simulator 2020 means you are truly in control. Manage your engine, passengers, safety systems, signalling and much more from the comfort of the cab, with controls that perfectly re-create the operations of real trains.
A selection of nine detailed locomotives include the modern electric DB BR 440, famed diesel GP38-2 in both high and low nose versions, and the classic steam-powered Peppercorn Class A2.

New Customisation Features

With TS20 we’re also introducing a range of new customisation features so you can achieve your ideal visual experience (adjusting on the fly in game!) to your own taste and new options to change the way you play featuring Quick Drive AI settings and more.
  • New favourites system on the drive menu
  • New scenario filtering option on the drive menu
  • Toggleable AI on Quick Drive
  • Ambient occlusion
  • Contrast
  • Ambient light intensity
  • Sunlight intensity
  • Depth of field (intended for screenshot taking)
  • Field of view
  • Colour filter
  • Screen effect filter
  • Vignettes
We will go into more depth with each setting, and with the new German route, between now and release! For now though, can you guess which visual control settings we’ve tweaked in the first TS20 screenshots below?

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Train Simulator
Introducing Train Simulator 2020
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