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TS22 - Introducing the Routes

Find out more about the routes coming with Train Simulator 2022 and the updates we're working on for each one!

Birmingham Cross City Line

What is now known today as the Cross City Line, first opened between 1837 and 1885 as various unconnected routes. Even into the British Railways days, each half of the line, to Lichfield, Staffordshire in the north and Redditch, Worcestershire in the south with Birmingham in the middle, was operated independently with drastically differing quality of services.
It wasn’t until the 1970s that a plan was put in place to revitalise the routes, involving a merge of services to form a single through line, re-opening and re-building of stations and building new stations where required. The improvements were a success, however it wouldn’t be until the 1990s where the biggest change occurred.
Take control of the Class 323, which remains in service to this day, having spent recent years in the distinctive London Midland livery, and now also serves Bromsgrove which was added to the line in 2018, offering fast and frequent services through the heart of England’s 2nd city into commuter suburbs and beyond.
Experience the hustle and bustle of modern commuting with the Birmingham Cross City Line as it comes to Train Simulator 2022 with new additions including new Network West Midlands signage, additional scenery along the route and improvements to the Class 323 that include brake & control interlocking, AWS/TPWS self-test and more.

Frankfurt – Koblenz

The West Rhine Railway, or Linke Rheinstrecke, dates back to the 1840s as a gradual effort to link Köln, Bonn and Koblenz to Mainz, with the southern section between Koblenz and Mainz opening in the late 1850s. This line is well known for running along the left bank of the Rhein.
The Main Railway, or Mainbahn, was built following the completion of the Rhein-Main-Bahn which connected Mainz to Aschaffenburg. This new line was to branch off at Bischofsheim and continue along the Rhein, eventually reaching Frankfurt am Main, and was built in less than 2 years, opening in January 1863.
Combined, the Linke Rheinstrecke and Mainbahn offered a direct route from Köln to Frankfurt, and until the eventual opening of the highspeed line, made it one of the busiest lines in all of Germany. Even in recent history it remains important however, with a station built to serve Frankfurt Airport in 1972, followed by Gateway Gardens station which opened in 2019. Both of these stations are reached by means of an underground tunnel which burrows itself under the terminals of the Airport.
The lines are served by a mix of regional and intercity traffic, although most notably in the past few years, services have been branded as SÜWEX (Südwest-Express), opting for a base white livery rather than red, and using a fleet of state-of-the-art DB BR 429.1 EMUs.
Frankfurt – Koblenz arrives in Train Simulator 2022 with new updates and fixes including an overhauled signalling system, scenery improvements between Frankfurt to Airport and Zepplinheim, additional Quick Drives and more!

NEC: Washington – Baltimore

Northeast Corridor: Washington DC - Baltimore re-creates the corridor from Washington Union Station to Baltimore’s Penn Station. Washington Union Station, one of America’s most grand and beautiful rail stations, is second only to New York Penn Station on the NEC in passenger arrivals and departures, and historic Baltimore Penn Station is busy as well.
With the Corridor hosting Acela high-speed trains and regional and long-distance services, Washington is a busy and vital operating hub for Amtrak. Located nearby Washington Union Station are K Tower, which governs movements in and out of the station; the Amtrak coach yard; and famed Ivy City, home to facilities which provide state-of-the-art support to Amtrak’s high-speed train equipment.
Between its namesake cities, the Northeast Corridor: Washington DC - Baltimore route passes through open pine country typical of coastal Maryland and crosses rivers including the Anacostia, Patuxent, and Patapsco. The line is primarily triple track and, of course, is high-speed territory, with track speeds of up to 125 mph.
Northeast Corridor: Washington DC – Baltimore includes a variety of contemporary Amtrak equipment, including the Siemens ACS-64 and Amfleet I and Amfleet II passenger equipment, the stylish and fast Acela, and passenger equipment suitable for Amtrak’s long-distance trains.
Northeast Corridor will come to Train Simulator 2022 with audio improvements on the Acela as well as overhauled and improved wayside and in-cab signalling systems.
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8 Sep
TS22 - Introducing the Routes
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