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64 Reasons to Play Train Simulator – VII: Growing TS2019

We’re nearing the end as we count through our penultimate 8 reasons that you should be playing Train Simulator, and if you already are, maybe there will be some you haven’t thought of!
Train Simulator 2019 released a few weeks ago, and it already features a fantastic array of routes and rolling stock, but this week, we’re going to show you just how easily you can grow your collection from the base package.

49 – The Geep

Housing 3’000 horsepower, the GP40-2 locomotive is among America’s finest example of heavy railroad engineering. You’ll put the “Geeps” to work along the famed Soldier Summit, heading hotshot trains courtesy of the D&RGW. Additionally, the GP40-2 loco pack come ready-to-go in a selection of liveries, making it useful on multiple, popular railroads in Train Simulator.

50 – The Velaro D

While not released yet (but right around the corner), the DB BR 407 ‘New ICE 3’ will transform your high-speed experience along the Frankfurt High Speed route. The 407 will add an extra layer of complexity with its Pro Range status, meaning you’ll be learning as you drive, and understanding the systems is as satisfying as it is enjoyable.

51 - The Sprinter

The Southern Region of England is largely electrified, particularly with 750V DC third rail, there are however some lines which are not energised, and for that reason, the BR Class 159 DMU has been a regular in and out of London Waterloo since the days of Network SouthEast. With the 159 at hand, you can represent these dieselised services along the bustling section to Woking.

52 - The Zephyr

Another 2-for-1 offering, the Western Pacific FP7 ‘California Zephyr’ not only includes its namesake equipment, but also is complimented by the F9 and ‘Rio Grande Zephyr’, with scenarios for the Soldier Summit route. This iconic train served during a classic era of American railroading, and you get to bring this to virtual life in Train Simulator.

53 - Inter-City 120

A design of the late 1970s comes to life in the form of the DB BR 120, a universal electric locomotive bred for inter-city passenger and freight use throughout Germany. A total of 65 have worked the rails for decades, serving cities daily while achieving an incredible 280 km/h en route. In Train Simulator, it is your duty to step aboard the classic 120 and perform key duties on the Rhine Railway.

54 - Slammer Time

Cast your mind back to the British Rail and Network southeast days with the unmistakeable BR Class 423 “slam door” EMU. This incredible feat of engineering took the design of coaches for its day, and gave it a cab, third rail shoes and some fondly remembered liveries – the result was a fleet which served the South with pride. If you’re in it for the true toothpaste experience, add in the Class 159 for full nostalgic effect.

55 - Tunnels & Timetables

Frankfurt High Speed offers the experience of inter-city travel into Germany’s 5th largest populous, but for the more local duties, the bustling S-Bahn network thrives underneath the streets and out into the suburbs, linking various railway lines to the city centre. Recently released, the Frankfurt S-Bahn route delivers one of the most authentic, high-frequency commuter operations you can get.

56 - The Ever-Lasting Classic

A staple of Train Simulation since the inception of the genre, the Brighton Main Line has connected London to the coastal town since 1841, and is a fantastic stretch of 50 miles, stretching through busy South London to Croydon, onwards to Gatwick Airport, and finally to Brighton via the scenic South Downs. Of course, the heart of the action is Clapham Junction, which the Brighton Main Line shares with the Portsmouth Direct Line.
And we’ve only just scratched the surface of how interconnected your hobby can be, there are links everywhere, and TS2019 is only the beginning of your journey, where will it take you?
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2 Nov
64 Reasons to Play Train Simulator – VII: Growing TS2019
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