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Train Sim World 3 – What You Need to Know – Launch

Here is an extension from our article on Thursday, containing everything you need to know before Train Sim World 3 launches tomorrow (Tuesday). Who’s ready?
This will hopefully cover everything you need to know – from release times, to Train Sim World Compatible content roll-out plans, to transferring your progress between TSW2 and TSW3.

Release times

We’re all very excited for you to get your hands on Train Sim World 3 – thank you to everyone who has been providing us with Early Access feedback so far, and we’ve been thoroughly enjoying all your new screenshots with the new skies, lighting and weather!
We expect launch times on Tuesday, September 6th to be as follows.
Note: these times are subject to change, based on the platform owners activating on their respective platforms. If you need to update it to your time-zone, you can do so here.
PlayStation and Xbox (including Game Pass): 09:00 UTC
Epic Games Store: 15:00 UTC
Steam: 17:00 UTC
  • Early Access is available for Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition pre-orders until launch on the 6th, so you can jump in and play now if you purchase them
  • This is for the core game. Please find below the rollout for Train Sim World 2 (Preserved Collection/Train Sim World Compatible) content

Legacy Content (Preserved Collection) roll-out

Xbox, Xbox for Windows, Steam, and Epic will have all Train Sim World Compatible content (legacy content/Preserved Collection) available within 24 hours of the launch of Train Sim World 3 tomorrow. These may come in batches over this period, dependent on the platform you’re on, so keep your eyes peeled, and please don’t worry if you don’t see all your content available immediately.
For PlayStation players, the roll-out will be a little different. Sony weren’t able to release all the content on day 1, so we’ve staggered the release into 3 weekly windows. You can find a summarized list of that plan below, with a more detailed schedule on our forums. We’ve tried to prioritise content based on routes getting updates tomorrow, recent releases, and Train Sim World 2 Core releases.

Week 1: 6th September

  • Southeastern High Speed and Spirit of Steam TSW3 version and free upgrade for TSW2 players
  • Train Sim World 2 Core routes
  • Routes featured in the Preserved Collection updates from today

Week 2: 13th September

  • TSW2 routes and locos

Week 3: 20th September

  • TSW2020 routes and locos
Note: You'll need to manually download this content again from your Store for Train Sim World 3 if you own them on Train Sim World 2.
Note: Train Sim World 2 will not be available to purchase after the release of Train Sim World 3, but all existing Add-ons will continue to be purchasable, and are compatible with both TSW2 and TSW3. Note: The only exception to this is the ‘New Journeys Expansion Add-on’, which will be available at a later date.
Note: If you own a disc edition of any Train Sim World game, please head here to find out how to claim your product key.
If, on Thursday, you still aren’t able to download your previously-owned content (on anything other than PlayStation – please see above), then contact us on our Support Centre.

Downloading Train Sim World 3

The first step of your TSW3 journey comes with downloading your game when it’s available on September 6th (see the time estimates above). Please find some important information below on how to your game downloaded, so you can get into the fun stuff.
TSW 3 bundles and starter packs consist of the core game, and the Add-on routes which you will need to download separately. All Train Sim World Compatible content will need to be downloaded afresh for Train Sim World 3.
Note: The game will be "Ready to Start" after a partial download, but you will need to complete the entire download to access all content.
Here are download instructions for each platform, if you’re having issues:
PS4 - Click Here
PS5 - Click Here
Xbox - Click Here
Microsoft Store - Click Here
Epic Store - Click Here

Preservation Crew Updates – Train Sim World 3

The final batch of Preservation Crew updates will hit tomorrow with release, and feature a lot of updates for lots of different routes. We expect this to go live on all platforms within 24 hours of launch.
With the launch on September 6th, we can confirm that the remaining improvements will be going into game, including:
  • New Bakerloo Timetable (600+ services)
  • Peninsular Corridor Preservation Crew update [huge]
  • Rhein-Ruhr Osten Preservation Crew update [medium]
  • Oakville Subdivision Preservation Crew update [huge]
  • Cathcart Preservation Crew update [tiny]
  • Long Island Railroad Preservation Crew update [small]
  • LGV Preservation Crew update [tiny]
  • 2 new Luzern-Sursee scenarios
  • Hamburg-Lübeck updated timetable (220 total services if you own Köln-Aachen ICE 3M, DB BR 101 and DB BR 363)
  • DB BR 187 update
And based on your feedback over the weekend, some known issues have been fixed within Train Sim World 3:
  • [PlayStation and Xbox] Motion Blur toggle should be available in settings
  • On Cajon Pass, the ES44AC introduction should no longer default Engine Run switch to ‘off’
  • Functioning level crossings implemented across Cajon Pass
There will also be some small improvements to Spirit of Steam, including Fireman visibility, mineral wagons will now have the correct formations, Livery Designer substitution functionality for Gen9 platforms, and completion of the ‘Time For Scouse’ scenario. We’ll provide the full list (it’s a long one!) for all updates tomorrow.
Some of these updates will also come to Train Sim World 2 players after the launch of Train Sim World 3 as they require testing within TSW2. Our Roadmap will detail our progress on these.
As with all our updates, these will be rolled out subject to our platform partners’ approval pipelines, so we’re not able to provide exact times these will be available.

Progress Transfer

Yesterday, we released an article confirming that progress between your Train Sim World 2 and Train Sim World 3 profiles can be transferred on PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam from Early Access.
Check out the full details, and how to do it here.
Note: Please ensure that your TSW3 profile name is different to your TSW2 profile name, otherwise it will not show up in-game to import. If you do create a profile with the same name, don’t worry – just delete the TSW3 profile, and the TSW2 version should appear upon rebooting the game.

8th-gen and 9th-gen platforms

We’ve had a lot of questions about the differences in experience between 9th-generation (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S) and 8th-generation (PS4, Xbox One) platforms
We’ve been testing across all these platforms across the duration of Train Sim World 3’s development, in order to work out how to provide the best experience to players.
There will be some slight differences between your experiences due to the power and possibilities with the respective technology, but if you’ve been playing Train Sim World 2 these will be familiar to you already. These are summarised below.
  • Train length will be limited to 100 wagons on 9th-gen and 50 wagons on 8th-gen
  • Services and layers:
  • Southeastern High Speed Extended – same number of playable and AI services
  • Cajon Pass – same number of playable services, with shorter formations on 8th-gen (see above)
  • Kassel-Würzburg – same number of playable and AI services
  • 9th-gen players will experience better graphical performance
  • 9th-gen players will have better game performance (both 8th and 9th-gen we are happy with performance for though)
We will monitor your feedback over the Early Access window and make amendments if needed to ensure the best experience for you all.

Launch known issues list

The team have worked hard over the weekend to improve the game based on your feedback – we have more work to do, and, in the interests of being transparent, we wanted to flag any known issues we’re aware of, and investigation is underway.

Train Sim World 3 and Core Routes

  • Issue with LZB introduction, with train unable to move due to throttle interlock – if you need to recover from an Emergency stop, please head here for guidance.
  • Add-ons missing in Xbox/GamePass for PC menu UI
  • [BR185.2] Pressing Circle/Square button on controller does not operate the SIFA pedal
  • [Class 66] graphical issue on undercarriage of loco and no rain effects on windows
  • [Class 375] Loco is missing deceleration sound effects and the bell doesn’t ring
  • [PS5] Trained and Ready and CL465: Training Complete trophies not unlocking
  • [Steam] upon closing the game, an Unreal Engine Crash log message appears

Preserved Collection/Train Sim World Compatible content

  • [Xbox Series X] [Rhein-Ruhr Osten] – The controls for camera viewing display keyboard bindings, rather than XBX-relevant controls
  • [Xbox Series X][Rhein-Ruhr Osten] – The controls for returning to interior camera view displays Classic controller bindings, rather than Immersion controls

[Route Introductions]

  • LGV route introduction doesn’t show the right signal icons on the top-right when teaching signals
  • Munich-Augsburg and Hamburg-Lübeck tutorials have three red triangles for signal aspects instead of the correct icons
  • On Munich-Augsburg and Hamburg-Lübeck route introduction, the doors aren’t closed, preventing the train from moving (Workaround: close the doors manually)
  • West Cornwall Local route introduction cannot currently be completed
  • In Rapid Transit Scenario ‘City Express’, Dostos are incorrectly hooked up to LZB monitoring
  • During Peninsula Corridor Introduction, player cannot sit on any seat on the bottom floor of the locomotive and complete the ‘Find a Seat’ objective
In the loco selection for timetable for Peninsula Corridor, after selecting the Bi-Level Cab Car the loco is missing when selecting the livery. Some services are also not showing.
If you do experience any other issues, please let us know by submitting a bug report (with the more detail the better!) to our Support team - , or in our dedicated feedback forum.

Useful videos

Whilst the Training Center will include all manner of useful tutorials (as well as there being route-specific tutorials), we’ve asked some of our favourite creators to help produce some too.
Here’s that list – full of all manner of things – we have everything from operating LZB, to recovering from an Emergency Stop, to operating heavy US freight locomotives. Give them a watch, and subscribe to your favourites!
We can’t wait for you to play Train Sim World 3, so make sure you’re letting us know your thoughts on our forums and socials. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok.
Train Sim World 3 Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition are available to pre-order now on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox (Deluxe Only), and Epic Games Store. When you pre-order on your selected store you will have 4-day Early Access to Train Sim World 3 as well as a bonus decal pack to use within the livery editor to share on Creators Club, the home of player customization in Train Sim World. Regional Editions will also be available to purchase on September the 6th.
To find out more about the different editions of Train Sim World 3 and more, head to our FAQ here!
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Train Sim World 3 – What You Need to Know – Launch