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Power the “Legend” through historic Rheinland countryside and beautiful valleys, revisiting 90s Intercity electric traction. Pre-order Train Sim World 3: Linke Rheinstrecke: Mainz – Koblenz now on Steam, and enjoy a 10% discount!
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Linke Rheinstrecke: Mainz – Koblenz

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The 90s are back and they are coming in fast! Enjoy this nostalgic trip into the scenic West-German region of Rheinland, and experience the cinematic landscapes from the cab of some of the most iconic German electric locomotives of the final years of the last Millennium. Linke Rheinstrecke: Mainz – Koblenz will be arriving on Train Sim World 3 on the 16th of March, and is available to pre-order on Steam now, so we thought we would show you some of the things we are most looking forward to about this eye-catching route!

Master The legend!

Making its Train Sim World debut is the iconic DB BR 103. Given the apt nickname of “The Legend” by German Railfans, this Deutsche Bundesbahn monster packs a staggering output of almost 10,000 horsepower. Sporting its Trans Europ Express livery, the eye-catching cream and gold accents ensure it stands out against the more common red DB livery seen across the German network. With true-to-life sounds, this detailed locomotive will not only look stunning but sound incredible as it blasts its way across Western Germany.
In a time before ICE trainsets, updated highspeed lines, and ultra-modern tilting EMUs, much of Germany’s express services were hauled by 103s, and formed the backbone of the Trans Europ Express and Intercity service fleet. We recommend once you get your hands on Linke Rheinstrecke: Mainz – Koblenz on the 16th of March - and you’ve got the hang of the controls - you get stuck into one of the exciting non-stop services the DB BR 103 is famed for, and Master the Legend in the fastest way possible. With 111 playable services for you to enjoy, there are plenty of options to look forward to.

Mixed traffic

Supporting this express extravaganza is the classic DB BR 110.3. Bringing mixed traffic services and a variety of stock to this already busy route, the 110.3 offers a slower and alternative driving experience to its more powerful cousin. Train Sim World fans that are familiar with existing German routes may have come across the 110.3 before, in an all-new 90s-inspired Deusche Bahn Orient Red livery, this Train Sim World staple's new lick of paint really stands out against its scenic backdrop.
Coupled with this stalwart of German Mixed traffic traction are the Shimmns-u 708 and Tadgs 959 freight wagons, n-Wagen coaches, and Karlsruher Kopf cab car (more on these a little later). Our top tip for enjoying Linke Rheinstrecke: Mainz – Koblenz to the fullest is to start up a freight service that takes you across as much of the route as possible, and see how many times your ponderous freight train has to take a break in a lineside yard, making way for a cross country express service to thunders past and giving you the chance to soak up your surroundings.

Spectacular Scenery

It’s not just interesting services and classic locomotives that make this route so special. Take in the rolling hills, deep valleys, spectacular views, and incredible castles of the Rhein Gorge as you glide along the winding 92km (57-mile) route between Mainz and Koblenz. This beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site is an idyllic landscape fit for a princess, all 22 statio ns and 24 castles are yours to experience from the cab of your choice. In addition to the fast-paced DB BR 103, and DB BR 110.3 workhorse, we have included n-Wagen coaches and Karlsruher Kopf cab car in Deutsche Bahn White and Mint livery for you to enjoy. In total the DB BR 110.3 has 100 playable services and the DB BR 463 Cab Car has 39, meaning you can take in the scenery at a more leisurely pace and experience a slower, push-pull service pattern. A striking contrast from the fast Intercity services provided by the DB BR 103.
We recommend you try this awesome route in all seasons and weathers, making the most of everything Train Sim World 3’s Dynamic weather has to offer. From the striking Autumn colours of the woodland hills, to the snow-covered buildings and challenging driving conditions that await you on a winters morning, Linke Rheinstrecke: Mainz – Koblenz has something for you to enjoy all year round.
Linke Rheinstrecke: Mainz – Koblenz arrives on Train Sim World 3 on March 16th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store, and Steam!
To find out more about Linke Rheinstrecke: Mainz – Koblenz and other coming Add-Ons check out this months Roadmap here.
Pre-order Linke Rheinstrecke: Mainz – Koblenz on Steam here and get 10% discount.
Join us this evening (Thursday 9th of March) at 19:00 UTC, on YouTube and Twitch . RFTV’s Alex, Lukas, and Matt will be mastering the Legend and taking to the tracks on Linke Rheinstrecke: Mainz – Koblenz for the first time. Head here to set up a notifications for this evenings stream later!
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Written by Chris Payne
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