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Train Sim World 2 – Western Glory

Immerse yourself in the British Diesel motive power of the 1970s, experience a bygone era with Train Sim World 2 Diesel Legends of the Great Western.
Providing a new gameplay experience to the existing Great Western Express, Diesel Legends of the Great Western brings a brand-new service mode, scenarios and tutorials to the Great Western London Paddington to Reading Add-On. Giving you the sense of this famous route from 50 years ago.
Diesel Legends of the Great Western offers an entirely new perspective of the Western region through the cabs of yesteryear. This exciting new Add-On for Great Western Express brings the magnificent BR Class 52, BR Class 101 DMU, and BR Class 08 into the region, applying the striking British Railways liveries of the early 1970s to these iconic locomotives. To complete your consists, the BR MK 1 and BR MK 2 coaches will be joining them, also resplendent in era-appropriate liveries.

BR Class 52 ‘Western’

A true powerhouse of the era. Its sleek design, substantial strength, and unique engine sound have made the BR Class 52 ‘Western’ a favourite amongst railfans, desperate to witness each of the individually named locomotives. Should you wish to seek out each of these unique locomotives yourself, all 72 will be included in the Diesel Legends of the Great Western Add-on, proudly painted in British Railways Rail Blue livery.,

BR Class 101 DMU

As a busy commuter hub, the region isn’t just home to powerful express trains, regular local suburban services frequent the entire route. To represent this more modest pace of travel across West London, and into the Home Counties, we have also included the BR Class 101 DMU, in its BR Blue Grey Livery. This enduring DMU has featured across the entire BR network, and when several units were sent to the Western region in 1967 it became a common sight on various services between London and Reading. You can expect numerous services across the entire route, representing services terminating at Reading and London Paddington, and those bound for further-reaching destinations across the Home Counties and the Midlands.

BR Class 08

Filling out the complement of 1970’s iconic Diesel locomotives is the BR Class 08 in BR Blue livery, this venerable shunter has worked the length and breadth of the UK on all kinds of freight and shunting work. Almost 1000 of these versatile little shunters have been produced and incredibly almost 100 of them are still in active service across the UK. You will enjoy various shunting services in yards situated across the route such as Old Oak Common.


Diesel Legends utilises the brand-new Multiple Timetable feature to create a second completely new timetable experience on Great Western featuring trains from the BR Blue period. In addition to driving up and down the mainline between Paddington and Reading in a Class 101 DMU or running express services using the Class 52 Western, you'll also be able to experience how these older locomotive hauled trains changed direction at Paddington, by using locomotive changes and runs in and out of Old Oak Common depot. It's a route we all know and love, but it's a different time, with different operations and different trains.
The modern timetable remains fully accessible by simply returning to the menu. Multiple timetable selection also works with Explore on Foot, so you'll be able to pick BR Blue or Modern timetables before you arrive in the world and immerse yourself in your chosen experience.
Diesel Legends of the Great Western is coming soon to Train Sim World 2. Look out for more information, screenshots and videos in the coming weeks on @trainsimworld on Twitter and Facebook for more screenshots and videos of the new route. You can look forward to a preview on Railfan TV and, in our next article, we will be look at what this pack brings to Scenario Planner and Livery Designer.
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Train Sim World 2 – Western Glory
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