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Train Sim World 2 - Venerable V 60

Get your hands dirty as you explore the freight yards of the Ruhr Valley from the cab of one of Germany’s oldest locomotives, the DB BR 363
The DB BR 363 Add-On is available now for Train Sim World 2. To utilise the content featured in this Add-On you will need Ruhr-Sieg Nord from the Preserved Collection.
Following a shortage of smaller shunting locomotives in the 1950s Deutsche Bundesbahn devised an innovative plan to resolve this, the plan would involve most of the large locomotive manufacturers, they would be heavily involved in the design, development, and production of a brand new locomotive. Drawing the best skills from all parties involved, this collaborative approach may explain the longevity of the class's lifespan across the network.
The DB V 60 was the first prototype to see service in 1955, and this new loco would soon be developed by the dozen with a total of 942 delivered by the time production ceased in 1964. Two main variants were produced, a lighter and heavier version for different kinds of freight work, under the computerised classification system these became BR 260 and 261 respectively, the first of many reclassifications it would later undergo.
In 1987, there was an effort to save on driver costs, the locomotives were grouped along with many other shunters as Kleinloks (minor locomotives). Once again, they were reclassified, this time becoming BR 360 and 361. Following this, some locomotives were fitted with radio control equipment and had new Caterpillar 12-cylinder engines installed, these would become known as the BR 362 and 363, their final reclassification.
A true veteran of the rails, the DB BR 363 has spent decades on shunting duties and light freight work, and you can experience this for yourself on one of Germany’s oldest railways in Train Sim World 2
A comprehensive introduction tutorial is available and will talk you through the unique controls that feature in this highly detailed and lovingly recreated locomotive, it gives you a great insight into the complexity of shunting in heavy freight yards. The cab has been weathered to show the constant wear and tear that you expect to see on a locomotive surrounded by heavy and dirty industries.
With a relatively conservative top speed of 60 km/h (37 mph), the meticulously detailed pistons and driving gears look incredible at top speed or while slow running. We highly recommend you utilise the external cameras to grab some Railfan Shots or simply give yourself an upper hand when it comes to shunting the yards.
There are 3 engaging and challenging pre-planned scenarios available for you to enjoy, shunting, and preparing freight trains across various locations. From the cement-filled wagons of the “Cement Mixer” scenario to the heavy-laden steel trains of the “Steel Gaze” scenario we are sure there are hours of yard work to complete and plenty to keep you and this brilliant little locomotive busy.
Don’t forget as part of the exciting features Train Sim World 2 offer Scenario Planner means you can take this locomotive to perform duties across a plethora of routes, why not take to the tracks across the rest of the German content and Add-Ons available and explore these routes from an entirely new perspective. Of course with “Off The Rails” you could also use this on any route that takes your fancy!
The already extensive Timetable Mode for Ruhr-Sieg Nord has been expanded to include the DB BR 363 and its activity across the route, 13 additional timetabled services offer you even more flexibility in duties these include changing coaches on passenger services, preparing and bringing in empty log wagons and general shunting duties.
The DB BR 363 features the brilliant bright red of the iconic DB Railion livery. Want to change the livery to your own style or try out something a little different for your own Scenario? You can create a custom Livery with the Livery Designer in Train Sim World 2.
Train Sim World 2: DB BR 363 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Join us on Railfan TV tonight as we celebrate the launch. Watch live on Twitch or YouTube at 7PM UTC.
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Train Sim World 2 - Venerable V 60