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Train Sim World 2 - The Nippy Networker

We take our first look at an exciting new addition to the popular Southeastern High Speed. The BR Class 465 EMU “Networker”
The BR Class 465 EMU is a true workhorse, and Synonymous with commuter travel in the South East of England. Filling London’s Southern bound terminus stations with sleek and modern designed units for almost 30 years. Manufactured between 1991 and 1994 these iconic 4-car units have regularly worked most suburban routes out of London Victoria, Charing Cross, Blackfriars and Cannon Street, and other routes across the South East.
Developed to replace the aging “slam-door” stock that was still used extensively across the Southeast, the Networker was a popular replacement. Built by several manufacturers, British Rail Engineering Limited (465/0), ABB (465/1), and Metro Cammell (465/2) all produced very similar yet subtly different designs. A total of 147 sets were built. In 2005, a batch of the Met-Cam Class 465s was selected for extensive refurbishment, including refreshed interiors and the addition of first-class, allowing them to operate outer suburban services and beyond towards the Kent Coast. These revised units were then reclassified as Class 465/9.
Originally supplied in Network SouthEast livery and branded "Kent Link Networker", it's where it earnt its more commonly used alias, The Networker. Changing ownership and providers numerous times, the BR 465 has seen a variety of Liveries during its working life. It has since been acquainted with a two-tone blue and white livery, replacing the yellow doors and grey stripes of operator's past.
The BR Class 465 EMU Networker is coming soon to Train Sim World 2 ready to use on Southeastern High Speed and on other routes with Scenario Planner. Keep an eye on @trainsimworld on Twitter and Facebook for more screenshots and videos of the new route.
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16 Feb
Train Sim World 2 - The Nippy Networker
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