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New driving experiences coupled with the formidable and undulating terrain of the Saxony Hills are yours to master, with the new Tharandter Rampe: Dresden – Chemnitz, available now on Train Sim World 2.
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Jump in the cab of a variety of interesting Locos and units synonymous with services of the early 2010s between the impressive stations and busy cities of Dresden and Chemnitz. Make your way across the 79 km (49-mile) route, climbing into the incredibly beautiful hills the Saxony region of Eastern Germany has to offer. This hilly terrain has gradients as steep as 2.6% and traverses deep valleys and sheer rocky hillsides, the route was constructed in the mid-19th century and has retained many of its historic features to this day. This cinematic landscape is combined with a variety of interesting railway architecture, from sprawling viaducts to roundhouse engine sheds, meaning there’s something new for you to experience at every curve.
Curves are an important feature of this amazing route. To conquer this difficult landscape railway engineers had to wind the line through the hills, finding the most optimal pathway for a railway. This results in a snaking, curving route that progresses gradually as you ascend the gradient. Thankfully the DB BR 612 DMU makes light work of this by leaning into the challenge. This highly detailed tilting Diesel Multiple Unit is the first of its kind in Train Sim World 2. With a tilt of 8° and banked tracks on many of the curves, passenger comfort is retained at higher speeds. Whereas passengers on a non-tilting train would find themselves thrown around or their belongings sliding off tables. Thanks to its ingenious design you are able to exceed conventional speed restrictions when controlling the DB BR 612 DMU, gliding through the twisting route much faster. This offers you a whole new gameplay experience!
These fast trains represent services bound for Dresden and more distant destinations, if you wish to take in the scenery at a more leisurely pace and visit each of the historic stations dotted along the route we have included the DB BR 143, and Dopplestock coaches, this simulates the region’s S-Bahn services on the Eastern half of the route and caters for other services that would otherwise stop between Dresden and Chemnitz.
Of course, if German freight is more to your taste Tharandter Rampe: Dresden – Chemnitz doesn’t disappoint. Due to the line's proximity to the German- Czech Republic (Czechian) border, and being a vital link between the larger cities of Northeast and Southeast Germany it experiences a fair amount of heavy freight traffic. We have introduced the powerful Railpool BR 185.6 resplendent in the elegant Railpool silver livery. This fully licensed modern freight electric locomotive has a variety of timetabled services that include consists featuring Roos-T, Habbins, and Laeers freight wagons, or mixed freight. To cover the lighter duties of shunting and preparing trains that are commonplace across the route we have included the DB BR 363 “V 60“, this veteran of German railways can be seen in sidings in a variety of locations across Tharandter Rampe: Dresden – Chemnitz.
Approximately 200 freight and passenger services are available as part of the 24-hour timetable, simulating that of one found in the early 2010s, 6 unique pre-planned scenarios also give you the freedom to enjoy Tharandter Rampe: Dresden – Chemnitz and get started quickly. This hilly Mix-traffic route has so many ways for you to explore and enjoy it, the choice is yours!
Train Sim World 2: Tharandter Rampe: Dresden – Chemnitz is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store, and Steam! Railfan TV's JD and Matt celebrated the launch of this incredible route. Watch now on Twitch or YouTube
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