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Jump in the cab of a veteran shunting locomotive, and gain first-hand experience of Germany’s heavy freight network! The DB BR 363 is Coming soon to Train Sim World 2.
Dating back to the 1950s the DB BR 363 has gone through a variety of updates, modifications, and reclassifications, but its primary function has remained the same. Heavy Freight shunting and preparation. We thought we would show you a closer look at the finer details and the more unique functions of one of the oldest locomotives on the Deutsche Bahn network.
As you can see, we have lovingly recreated the cab to show the constant wear and tear that you expect to see on a locomotive surrounded by heavy and dirty industries.
With a relatively conservative top speed of 60 km/h (37 mph) the meticulously detailed pistons and driving gears look incredible at top speed or while slow running.
The control system in the cab is complex, it includes a variety of functions to aid the driver with shunting and longer distance driving if required.
In addition to the controls to aid the driver, the DB BR 363 is equipped with different gears for different tasks, one is for long-distance running, the other for shunting.
The striking yellow couplings that you see on both ends of the DB BR 363 are designed to auto-couple to wagons, this speeds up shunting operations as the driver isn’t constantly having to get out.
Radio controlled technology was added in the 1980’s, this state of the art technology (at the time) allowed for one man shunting movements.
The DB BR 363 Add-on is coming soon to Train Sim World 2, it requires the route Add-on Ruhr-Sieg Nord from the Preserved Collection.
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Train Sim World 2 - Senior Shunter