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Lots of great new Add-Ons coming soon to Train Sim World
We're entering a very busy period of the year for new releases. Arosalinie, Clinchfield Railroad and Hamburg-Lübeck launches all coming up soon. After these releases the teams will start work on their next projects and we'll be able to detail what you have to look forward to over coming months.
The big changes this time around is that the Preservation Crew has completed their work on Long Island Railroad, hence the removal of the project and extra items in the upcoming list. They'll now move onto Rapid Transit and Main-Spessart Bahn which they will be working on in parallel.
The other noteworthy addition is the mysteriously-named "Train Sim World 2 Update". We won't be going into much detail on this project in the short term as it's expected to take a significant amount of time to complete. Suffice to say for now that it's the main update we'll be releasing this year.
Key: ▲ Moved up ▼ Moved down ★ New listing
  • ▲ [Loco Add-On] GGF-E5 01 - Diesel Legends of the Great Western
  • [Fix] Bakerloo Line speed limits now trigger from front of train
  • [Fix] Reinstate London landmarks for Console on Bakerloo Line
  • [Fix] [LIRR] Filled holes in scenery
  • [Fix] [M7] Creating a scenario with the M7 can result in the M3 being swapped in
  • [Fix] [LIRR] Insufficient XP awarded to achieve gold medal in Change at Jamaica scenario
  • [Fix] [LIRR] M7 loses power when front 2 cars leave the third rail
  • [Fix] [LIRR] Correctly illuminate the track if player selects track 2 at Hunterspoint Avenue
  • [Fix] [M7] The volume of the horn decreases when the cab window is opened
  • [Fix] [M7] Obvious looping is observed in the audio of the M7 train
  • [Fix] [M7] Running sounds of the M7 wrongly adjust in volume above 22mph
  • [Fix] There are no track joint sounds when the train goes over a junction
  • [Fix] [M3] AI M3 services do not display tail lights in timetable
  • [Fix] [M7] Tractive effort gauge and brake gauge max out at 50% power or 50% brake
  • [Improvement] Add Platform Departure Boards to East Coastway
  • [Improvement] Add Platform Departure Boards to Rapid Transit
  • [Improvement] [LIRR] Platform climb up functionality added to all stations
  • [Improvement] [LIRR] Belmont lighting improved
  • [Improvement] [LIRR] Improve passenger pathing at Hempstead
  • [Improvement] [LIRR] Improve railing textures at Belmont
  • [Improvement] [LIRR] Improve traffic spawns locations
  • [Improvement] [LIRR] Improve passenger spawn locations
  • [Improvement] [LIRR] Improve passenger standing locations within vehicles
  • ▲ [Improvement] Upgrading M3 audio on Long Island Railroad
  • ▲ [Improvement] Upgrading M7 audio on Long Island Railroad
  • [Improvement] [LIRR] Improved track rendering
  • [Improvement] [LIRR] Upgrade to Train Sim World 2 skies
  • ★ [Improvement] Livery Designer compatibility for M7
  • ★ [Improvement] Livery Designer compatibility for M3
  • ▲ [Route Add-On] CBB-R7 01 - Arosalinie: Chur - Arosa with RhB Ge 4/4 II - Developed by Rivet Games
  • [Route Add-On] NDD-R5 01 - Clinchfield Railroad: Elkhorn - Dante. With CRR F7 A&B and SD40
  • ▲ [Route Add-On] DBB-R7 05 - Hamburg – Lübeck. With DB BR 112 + Doppelstockwagen & MRCE BR 182
  • [Core] Memory use optimisation
  • [Core] Steam
  • [Improvement] Add Platform Departure Boards to Preserved Collection
  • [Improvement] Add RailDriver support to Preserved Collection
  • [Improvement] Full length of platform "climb up" function for Preserved Collection
  • [Improvement] Livery Designer compatibility for Preserved Collection
  • [Improvement] User guides and manuals
  • ▲ [Improvement] Main-Spessart Bahn Preservation Crew focus
  • ▲ [Improvement] Rapid Transit Preservation Crew focus
  • [Loco Add-On] DBB-L5 01 - DB BR420 Electric Multiple Unit (Hauptstrecke München-Augsburg) - Developed by TSG
  • [Loco Add-On] DDD-L5 01 - DB BR232 Diesel Locomotive (Ruhr-Sieg Nord) - Developed by TSG
  • [Loco Add-On] DGG-L6 02 - G6 (Rhein-Ruhr Osten) - Developed by TSG
  • [Loco Add-On] DKK-L7 01 - DB BR 101 (Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr)
  • [Loco Add-On] GCC-L7 01 - Class 313 EMU (For East Coastway)
  • [Loco Add-On] DKK-L7 02 - DB BR 187 - Developed by Skyhook Games (For Schnellfahrstrecke Köln)
  • [Loco Add-On] GCC-L6 01 - Standard 1938 Tube Stock - Developed by Rivet Games
  • [Route Add-On] NDD-R7 02 - Cane Creek. With UP AC4400CW & SD40-2. - Developed by Skyhook Games
  • [Route Add-On] GBB-R7 01 - Glasgow Cathcart Circle with Class 314 EMU
  • ★ [Core] Train Sim World 2 Update
  • [Core] Standard download size reduction
    Removed from Roadmap
  • [Core] Track-IR support
  • [Improvement] Long Island Railroad Preservation Crew focus
Join us today, Tuesday 9th March at 20:00 UTC, on Twitch or YouTube where Adam and Sam will be discussing the latest Roadmap and answering your questions.
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