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The delayed West Cornwall Local release is now ready for departure
This week's Roadmap starts with the good news that the West Cornwall Local: Penzance to St Austell and St Ives will be fully released this week. Discovering problems late in the day is never an ideal situation so we opted to delay it to ensure the route can be enjoyed without incident. We announced yesterday that this will be launching on this Thursday (4th November), with some improvements, including a layer which uses trains from the Northern Trans-Pennine route. You can find out more about this here.
There's more good news for those who play using the Epic Games platform on PC as the full Preserved Collection is also now ready to release.
Elsewhere, the highly anticipated G6 loco from Train Sim Germany is now in the testing phase so doesn't have too much further to go. Also moving into testing are the Sherman Hill and Horseshoe Curve routes which promise to give fans of US freight plenty to do over the coming months.
Our final change this time around is the addition of the first, rather mysteriously named Spirit of Steam release. The development of steam power in Train Sim World has proved to be a technically complex challenge so we've taken our time to make sure that when it finally arrives it will be every bit as awe-inspiring as the real thing. Work has been ongoing in this regard for the past 9 months, and we're now at the point where we can start to bring it to life. Normally, we'd let you know exactly which route we're planning but we want to make a little more fuss for our first release so the actual route will remain a mystery for now. Expect more information in coming months.
Key: ▲ Moved up ▼ Moved down ★ New listing
  • ▲ [Platforms] Preserved Collection release on Epic Games store
  • [Route Add-On] GGD-R6 01 West Cornwall Local: Penzance - St Austell & St Ives - with BR Class 150/2 and BR Class 37/5 - Developed By Rivet Games
  • [Improvement] Main Spessart Bahn Scenario Planner expansion
  • [Improvement] MP36PH-3C Baby Bullet Scenario Planner expansion
  • [Improvement] Peninsula Corridor preservation update
  • [Improvement] Ruhr-Sieg Nord preservation update
  • [Ongoing] Rush Hour passenger system
  • [Ongoing] Add RailDriver support to Preserved Collection
  • ▲ [Loco Add-On] DGG-L6 02 - G6 (Rhein-Ruhr Osten) - Developed by TSG
  • ▲ [Route Add-On] NDD-R7 04 Sherman Hill with SD70ACe and SD40-2
  • ▲ [Route Add-On] NDD-R7 03 Horseshoe Curve: Altoona - Johnstown & South Fork with ES44AC & GP38-2 - Developed by Skyhook Games
  • [Update] London Commuter
  • [Core] Train Sim World 2: Rush Hour
  • [Core] Steam Update
  • [Core] Improved cloud visuals
  • [Improvement] Oakville Subdivision preservation update
  • [Mastery] Dovetail Live rewards
  • [Ongoing] Add Crossing Gates to Preserved Collection
  • [Ongoing] Add Platform Departure Boards to Preserved Collection
  • [Ongoing] Full length of platform "climb up" function for Preserved Collection
  • [Ongoing] Livery Designer compatibility for Preserved Collection
  • [Ongoing] Memory use optimisation
  • [Ongoing] User guides and manuals
  • [Ongoing] Add new skybox to Preserved Collection
  • [Ongoing] Add road traffic to Preserved Collection
  • [Loco Add-On] DBB-L5 01 - DB BR 420 Electric Multiple Unit (Hauptstrecke München-Augsburg) - Developed by TSG
  • [Loco Add-On] DDD-L5 01 - DB BR 232 Diesel Locomotive (Ruhr-Sieg Nord) - Developed by TSG
  • [Route Add-On] DBB-R7 08 Tharandter Rampe: Dresden - Chemnitz with DB BR 612 and DB BR 143
  • [Upgrade] PlayStation 5 add-on limit fix
  • [Improvement] Scenario Planner 2.0
  • [Improvement] Livery Designer 2.0
  • [Improvement] PlayStation 4 - PlayStation 5 profile transfer
  • ★ [Spirit of Steam] First release
Join us today, Tuesday November 2nd at 20:00 UTC, on Twitch or YouTube where Sam and Adam will be discussing the latest Roadmap and answering your questions. You can also find all our release previews over on YouTube.
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