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Train Sim World 2 - Push the button!

Its Screenshot Friday! The theme this week: Push The Button – Have a closer look at the sophisticated controls of the locomotives featuring in Train Sim World 2
Each locomotive in Train Sim World 2 has been recreated in authentic detail right down to the switches, levers and buttons you'll be using in each cab. There is plenty for you to explore inside each cab. Take a look at some of the details on each of these controls, like the desk on the DB BR 442 Talent 2 above and browse more below...
Opening up the back panels in the cab of the CSX SD40-2 Reveals a plethora of delicate switches and circuit breakers as you can see above. As the engineer on duty, it will be your responsibility to learn each of their functions. Cold starting the locomotive will require the correct application of these controls. If you are a novice when it comes to complex controls there is no need to worry, on screen guidance and tutorials are provided to help you get started with each locomotive.
The 1972 Mark 2 offers an equally in-depth array of controls for you to master. Precision is the key element of driving these units as you strive to keep to schedule on the complex rush hour of London Underground. In Train Sim World 2 you get to sit in the most important seat on the Bakerloo Line and it's up to you to get people to their destinations on time!
Shunting operations are made all the easier with the intricate digital controls systems of the powerful CSX GP38-2 you see above. Slow moving applications allow you to seamlessly couple up to waiting cars or safely move onto the turntable at Cumberland yard.
Bursting with innovative railway technology the DB BR 406 ICE 3M lets you easily control the train through high speed sections of the line and safely back into regular line speed sections. With assistance from the PZB and LZB safety systems this transition will be flawless and a comfortable ride for your passengers. For the more experienced driver,both PZB and LZB can be turned on/off depending on how much of a challenge you want when driving.
The controls you see above are that of the CSX AC4400CW and will require your absolute attention. Gaining the perfect balance of traction and power will ensure you are able to pull those immensely heavy cars over the peak of Sand Patch Grade. The adhesion feature will test your skills here, thankfully we have given you a button we think you may use quite consistently. Sand! A technique for gaining traction on the track that's nearly as old as railways themselves.
Train Sim World 2 is available on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation 4.

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Train Sim World 2 - Push the button!