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Train Sim World 2 - Preserved Collection German Add-On Update

The third set of Preserved Collection Add-Ons are coming next week to Train Sim World 2! Enjoy some of Germany’s most exciting routes and modern locomotives...
Next week the Train Sim World 2 Preserved Collection is expanding, with new German routes and locomotives for you to enjoy. With Preserved Collection your content comes with you, so you can play your Train Sim World 2020 Add-Ons in Train Sim World 2. If you own these already, they will be free to download. Or you can purchase these on the PlayStation, Xbox or Steam stores if you don’t own them already. Perfect for building new custom creations with the Scenario Planner.

Here is everything included in the third set of Preserved Collection ready to play in Train Sim World 2 from next week...

Main Spessart Bahn: Aschaffenburg - Gemünden

A wondrous mix of steep gradients, scenic hillsides and swooping turns come to life, a timeless freight-heavy and passenger-laden corridor through the heart of the German countryside. Take control of two modern icons of German motive power, the DB BR 185.2 locomotive and the DB BR 146.2 locomotive and experience push-pull operation in the DoppelStockwagen control car. Featuring authentic electric simulations underpinned with expert technical knowledge and real-world data, the performance, sounds and feel has been accurately reproduced to make them feel just like the real thing.

DB BR 182

The DB BR 182 is a locomotive which is capable of diverse duty, irrespective of region or intended use, all while meeting the latest standards of safety and technology of the time.
They have spent their lives filling in for other traction wherever necessary, particularly on commuter networks which were amidst fleet upgrades. The same is true on the Mitteldeutschland S-Bahn, which was not receiving its order of DB BR 1442 units fast enough to replace aging motive power, so the DB BR 182s were drafted into service with DoppelStock vehicles for push/pull passenger operation.

Rapid Transit

Take control of the sleek DB BR 1442 ‘Talent 2’ and transport passengers along the S-Bahn S2-Line through the historic and picturesque city of Leipzig. Experience driving rapid transit commuter passenger trains on one of Germany’s most popular S-Bahn railways. Navigating the busy S-Bahn will require you to master the layout of the route and the functions and systems of your train as well as Deutsche Bahn’s unique signalling system. With thousands of passengers to transport on-time, your skill, focus and endurance will be tested to the limit!
You will be able to add these to your collection from Thursday 1st October on PlayStation, Xbox and Steam. Stay up to date with future Preserved Collection releases by following the Roadmap!
Train Sim World 2
Train Sim World 2 - Preserved Collection German Add-On Update