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Train Sim World 2 - On the Wight Track

Enjoy the beauty of Southern England, and explore one of the countries unique railways with the new Isle of Wight: Ryde – Shanklin, lovingly recreated by Rivet Games, and available now for Train Sim World 2.

Here are 10 things to try in Train Sim World 2: Isle of Wight this weekend...

Master The 483

Sit in the driving seat on the iconic BR Class 483 and learn the nuances of its unique controls. Thankfully Rivet Games have included a very comprehensive tutorial for you to learn the ropes. Learning the controls will improve how accurate you are at stopping at stations, and allow you to easily arrive on time as you will know the capabilities and limitations of the unit.

Enjoy The Ryde

This quaint Island line gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy the same beautiful landscape enjoyed by thousands of tourists every year. Let someone else take the controls, explore the expertly recreated interior, then sit back and let the undulating hills of England’s southern coast pass you by. A great way to see the route, and also take some Railfan Shots as you explore.

Visit The Pier

Ryde Pier is the oldest pleasure pier in the world and is home to one of the routes terminus stations. Before you start your journey take some time have a look around this wonderful pier and station, you will start to see why this classic piece of engineering has been refurbished and remodelled over the years, accommodating the needs of different generations.

Keep On Schedule

Getting to know the route is essential. The route from Ryde St Johns station to Shanklin station is single track, this means the later that you arrive, the later a corresponding train can leave going in the other direction. You wouldn’t want to keep those happy holidaymakers from enjoying this wonderful line. Perfecting your braking points is going to be critical to keep to schedule.

Complete the Route Tasks

Strategically placed route tasks can be found throughout the route and it's your job to pick these up or add them to their hidden locations. There is a total of 40 Tickets, Cameras, Ice Cream Stands and Route Maps for you to add or pick up. Some may not be as obvious as others, so we recommend that you jump out of the cab, walk around each station and take in everything there is to see.

Take Railfan Shots

The Island line is a hotspot for fantastic railway photographs and common for people trying to grab that memorable holiday snap. Why not take some inspiration from real life photographs and try and grab the most captivating screenshot you can. Find out more how to take Railfan Shots, how to save these to your Dovetail Live profile and share with our Railfan Shots guide.

Experience All Weathers

It's not always sunny in England! The freedom given to you by Train Sim World 2 means you can choose what time of year and what the weather is like each time you take to the tracks in Timetable Mode. This allows you to create a completely different experience each time you play, especially when you switch on snow – This provides a new level of challenge as adhesion physics come into play.

Create Your Scenario!

You are able to create bespoke scenarios in Train Sim World 2 with the Scenario Planner, explore the Island line from Ryde to Shanklin and stop where and when you want. Create the experience you want, only stop at the stations you want to, pick the time of day and customise the weather to create something truly unique. You can even use ‘Off The Rails’ to add a guest visiting loco!

‘Off The Rails’

Train Sim World 2 gives you the freedom to go where you want and when you want, Isle of Wight: Ryde- Shanklin is no different, it also allows you to try any loco in your collection on any route you want with the ‘Off The Rails’ feature. Why not visit Schnellfahrstrecke Köln–Aachen in the BR 483 or make your next journey from Shanklin in the cab of something else in your collection.

Design Your Livery

Adding a creative touch to a loco can be really rewarding, and the BR Class 483 is a great canvas to let your creative side flourish. The Livery Designer in Train Sim World 2 allows you to build up your own designs using custom shapes across multiple layers to build unique designs. You can do something simple like changing the colour, or build a more elaborate design.
Discover the beauty of the Island Line, Isle of Wight: Ryde – Shanklin is available now for Train Sim World 2 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam! We’ll be streaming the route tonight on Railfan TV with developer Rivet Games, watch live on Twitch or YouTubeat 7PM UTC.
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Train Sim World 2
Train Sim World 2 - On the Wight Track
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