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Train Sim World 2 - Mastery Update

Mastery has arrived for Train Sim World 2! Beat the challenges, go the distance, and unlock exclusive rewards...
Mastery is a brand-new feature for Train Sim World 2. It gives you the opportunity to push your driving skills to complete in-game objectives and will unlock exclusive rewards that enhance your gameplay experience. Mastering your routes will be the key to unlocking this fantastic content.
To access Mastery in Train Sim World 2 ensure the most update version has been downloaded, then simply sign in to your Dovetail Live account upon starting the game. Your progression in Mastery will begin from when you next start driving. It's important to sign into Dovetail live each time you play to ensure all progress contributes to your challenges.
You will be able to access your progress through the Dovetail Live button on the in-game menu. Alternatively, you can also view your progress at any time through the My Profile section of the Dovetail Live website. You can also view rewards earnt, as well as your active challenges and their progress.
So, what rewards can you look forward to with Mastery?

Build Your Own Snowman

To celebrate the arrival of Mastery we are running a seasonal Mastery challenge, the Winter event. Complete challenges before the 18th January to unlock a ‘build your own snowman’ decal set for the Livery Designer. Perfect for building Winter-themed liveries. This is an exclusive set that will be available over the holiday season only.

New Livery Designer Decals

As you progress through the challenges, you will eventually unlock the rewards for that tier and for the route that you have completed it for. Tier one will unlock unique decals for use in the Livery Designer and are available for you to customise the locomotives, units, and wagons the next time you’re creating a custom design. This first decal collection includes a variety of warning and assistance signs.

New Scenery Tile

The second tier unlocks a new Market scenery tile for the Köln - Aachen, Sand Patch Grade and Bakerloo Line routes. Once you have completed the second tier of challenges this new scenery will be automatically added to the routes. It can also be switched off from the main menu. Look out for the Market when you’re driving your favourite service.
Train Sim World 2 Mastery is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam.
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16 Dec
Train Sim World 2 - Mastery Update
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