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Train Sim World 2 - Mainline Mainstay

Written by: Gary Dolzall.
General Electric’s power-packed, 4,000-horsepower C40-8W diesel, dressed in CSX YN2 livery, is coming soon to Train Sim World 2!
Powerful, stylish, and a mainstay of American freight operations for three decades, the General Electric’s C40-8W is soon coming to Train Sim World 2 in classic CSX YN2 livery!
The C40-8W - also commonly known as the Dash 8-40CW - was produced at General Electric’s sprawling Erie, Pennsylvania locomotive plant from 1989 through 1994. GE constructed 847 of the 4,000-horsepower, six-axle (C-C) diesels which were powered by the builder’s capable 7FDL16 four-cycle power plant.
The C40-8W was an evolutionary advance of GE’s “Dash 7” series locomotives introduced in 1976, and was a direct refinement of its older sister, the standard C40-8 (also known as the Dash 8-40C) which had debuted in 1987. While the original C40-8 was equipped with a traditional road-switcher-style cab, the C40-8W featured the “North American Cab” which was quickly being favored by most U. S. and Canadian railroads. Combined, the C40-8 and C40-8W totaled more than 1,400 units placed in service. Along with its North American cab, visual and spotting features of the C40-8W included its oversized and flared rear radiators and use of GE’s GSC or Adirondack three-axle trucks.
Eastern rail giant CSX was a major customer for the C40-8W (as well as the C40-8), and the railroad acquired 268 C40-8Ws in 1991-1993. CSX’s acquisition of a portion of Conrail in 1999 brought with it an additional fleet of C40-8Ws, and the CSX roster of the type thus exceeded 300 units.
A versatile and powerful mainline locomotive, the C40-8W could be found across the CSX system in a variety of services ranging from heavy unit-train duties to hustling priority intermodals and manifests. While CSX has begun the retirement and sale of its C40-8W, the locomotive remains in service throughout the sprawling CSX system.
As created for Train Sim World 2, the General Electric C40-8W is richly detailed and features realistic controls, sounds, and authentic operating performance. The powerful locomotive wears CSX’s classic YN2 livery and is perfectly suited for duty on the Train Sim World 2 Sand Patch Grade route, where the husky GE’s regularly have served both as mainline power and as helpers.
The upcoming CSX GE C40-8W DLC for Train Sim World 2 will also feature a new three-bay, 100-ton CSX open-top coal hopper, three challenging scenarios for the Sand Patch Grade route, and the locomotive is fully integrated into Sand Patch’s excellent selection of timetabled services.
Get ready for heavy hauling and high horsepower, with the upcoming CSX General Electric C40-8W for Train Sim World 2! – Gary Dolzall
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16 Nov
Train Sim World 2 - Mainline Mainstay
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