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Train Sim World 2- Kentish Commuter

Stick to the busy timetable, and ensure the numerous commuters onboard arrive at their destination on time! The BR Class 465 EMU arrives on 4th March for Train Sim World 2, so we thought we give you a closer look at what’s to come!
A common sight amongst passengers traveling in the Southeast and London for almost 30 years, the BR Class 465 EMU “Networker” has been a staple part of the regions rolling stock since the early ’90s. Sporting its latest Southeastern livery, this sleek 4 car unit will be ready for you to use on Southeastern High Speed and other routes with Scenario Planner very soon.
There are numerous variants of the BR Class 465 EMU. Having been constructed in two different factories to similar but not identical designs, each features very subtle differences in both the internal and external details. This variant is the BR Class 465/9 EMU and is more commonly referred to as the Networker.
Having undergone a major refurbishment at Doncaster works in the mid-2000s the unit's interior received some much-needed improvements, new flooring, paneling, and lighting were installed, along with an additional first-class seating area at the front and rear of each unit. This was then finished off with the addition of grey and blue seating fabric to give them matching internal livery to that of the BR Class 375 EMU.
Utilising the 750 V DC Third rail power that is commonplace across the Southeast of England the BR Class 465 EMU is capable of reaching speeds of 75 mph (120 km/h), although this is a fairly conservative speed compared to other units of a similar size and age it is more than sufficient for the routes it works, the need for regular stopping is more important due to the proximity of stations in the region, this renders a higher speed unnecessary. It is also the fastest accelerating DC unit in the UK, so it is by no means slow when travelling between stations.
The BR Class 465 EMU is fairly old compared to that of the other units that use the line, however, its sleek lines, wide cab windscreen, and unique buffer design ensure it has aged well compared to other similar aged units.
The BR Class 465 EMU “Networker” is coming to Train Sim World 2 on the 4th of March ready to use on Southeastern High Speed and other routes with Scenario Planner. Keep an eye on @trainsimworld on Twitter and Facebook for more screenshots and videos of the new route.
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24 Feb
Train Sim World 2- Kentish Commuter