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Train Sim World 2 – Going Underground!

Sit in the cab and take control on one of the world’s busiest underground railways, discover the Bakerloo Line in Train Sim World 2.
Head into the darkness of London’s busy underground commuter railway network. Power through over-ground and underground at the controls of the London Undergrounds iconic 1972 stock. Visit some of London’s most famous stations and see the city from an all new perspective. Read on to see the latest trailer, new screenshots and find out more about The Bakerloo Line.
Opened between 1906 and 1915 originally known as the Baker Street and Waterloo Railway it was swiftly renamed The Bakerloo Railway as the public abbreviation of the name had gained popularity. The Bakerloo Line is one of the world’s busiest commuter railways and the popularity of the line is no less today than it was when it first opened, carrying millions of passengers annually.
The Bakerloo Line is 14.4 miles long and features 25 unique stations, from Elephant & Castle in South London to Harrow & Wealdstone in the North West of the city. It covers many of London’s iconic landmarks and famous streets like Waterloo, Piccadilly Circus, Baker Street and more. There are 10 over-ground and 15 underground stations to discover and the various Timetable Services and Scenarios in Train Sim World 2 will take you on a tour of these as you explore the full line.
Some sections of the Bakerloo Line are described as deep level due to the overall depth below sea level, which will test your driving skills as you dive deeper underground. Particularly as you travel from Oxford Circus to Piccadilly. The new adhesion feature in Train Sim World 2 changes how your train responds to not only the conditions of the rail, but also the grade. Learning every nuance of the line will be critical to get your braking point right for this precise commuter.
In Train Sim World 2 we have carefully replicated each of the stations along the line in detail. Immerse yourself in the London Underground experience and discover what it’s like to drive this challenging route. Take in the beautiful and classic Art Nouveau tiling of underground stations such as Piccadilly Circus and Regents park, wait amongst fellow commuters in busy commuter interchanges like Waterloo and Paddington and witness the North West London skyline from a new perspective of the driver’s cab.
You will have the pleasure of driving the iconic Mark II 1972 stock through the Bakerloo line. Sporting the famous red, grey and blue livery synonymous with the London Underground. This has been in service for nearly 50 years and is instantly recognisable down to the smallest details like the fabric on the seats. Authentically recreated here in Train Sim World 2, sit in the cab and get the unique experience of driving into the world-famous London Underground.
We’ll be talking about the Bakerloo Line and answering your questions from the forum on Railfan TV tonight, Friday 31 July. Watch live on Twitch and YouTube at 8PM BST!
Train Sim World 2 is available on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation 4.
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Train Sim World 3
Train Sim World 2 – Going Underground!