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Train Sim World 2 - Get Creative!

Personalise your locomotives with the new tool, the Livery Designer.
In Train Sim World 2 you can create custom liveries for your locomotives and wagons with an easy to use in-game tool that allows you to craft simple or complex designs. Unleash your creativity with the Livery Designer and bring your routes to life with a unique look.
See the Livery Designer in action as we customise BR 406, BR 442 and AC4400CW locomotives...
The Livery Designer includes a variety of shapes that you can colour, stretch, resize, rotate and angle to get your desired effect. Add more shapes or gradient layers to your livery to build up a design to create your dream livery. This can be finished with decals like safety/railway signs, lettering and numbers to give it an authentic real-world look. You can have up to 300 layers on each vehicle and store 300 liveries in Train Sim World 2. Have you had a great idea for a livery? Or an alternate livery that is a personal favourite? Maybe you just want to see a bright pink GP38-2? Whatever you want to create, the Livery Designer makes it possible.
Once you have your design finished you will want to see it in-game, running on your favourite route. When choosing your locomotive at the start of each scenario you will also be presented with the option of choosing one of your Livery Designer creations. This will then appear in-game as your chosen locomotive or as part of your train, it can then also appear randomly as you play, giving a realistic feel to alternative liveries being distributed amongst existing ones on the route.
Combine this with your other creative tool in Train Sim World 2 - the Scenario Planner - and you will have the freedom to drive whatever you want, where you want in the livery of your choice. Your hobby, your way.
Train Sim World 2 launches on 20th August on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation 4. Today is your last chance to pre-order on Steam!
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Train Sim World
19 Aug
Train Sim World 2 - Get Creative!
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