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Train Sim World 2 - Dynamic Duplex

Take the controls of SNCF’s flagship High-speed unit, the iconic TGV Duplex, and feel the excitement of luxury French high-speed with the new LGV Méditerranée: Marseille – Avignon, available now!
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The LGV Med regularly sees 300 – 320 km/h operation, providing a fast and reliable service through the beautiful countryside of the South of France. High-speed services across this region were made possible by advancements in technology and engineering. The 25kV AC catenary system allows trains to operate up to speeds of 320 km/h, and an impressive number of vast cuttings, long tunnels and magnificent viaducts were constructed, this meant the line could traverse the undulating landscape and steep inclines and declines with ease.
With the faster services now available across the entire French high-speed network, and passenger numbers increasing, a new solution was required to accommodate this increase in traffic. Platform extensions or more frequent trains had been considered but were dismissed due to safety or practicality concerns.
The solution was the TGV Duplex, its bi-level carriages offered significantly more seating than its predecessors, increasing capacity by 45% compared with single-level carriage designs. This higher capacity and substantial high-speed made the TGV Duplex the perfect choice for LGV Méditerranée. Powering its way across the French countryside at breath-taking speeds, the TGV Duplex allows passengers to travel across the country in complete comfort and luxury with unparalleled journey times.
Safety features have also been modernised to reflect the driver's difficulty in reading upcoming signal changes at speed. The route is equipped with the TVM430 (Transmission Voie-Machine) signalling system, a revolutionary in-cab signalling system designed for operating high-speed trains in high capacity. TVM430 displays information in the cab telling the driver what speed they should be travelling at, without the need for conventional track-side equipment.
Train Sim World 2: LGV Méditerranée: Marseille – Avignon brings this modern railway to life and gives you the freedom to enjoy this epic route how you please. With a selection of scenarios and the full timetable, comprehensive training modules, BAL and TVM430 signalling, KVB and VACMA safety systems, different power modes, and 93km (58 miles) of stunning Southern French scenery, Train Sim World 2’s very first French route offers hours of immersive game-play.
Train Sim World 2: LGV Méditerranée: Marseille – Avignon is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Join us on Railfan TV tonight as we celebrate the launch. Watch live on Twitch or YouTubeat 8PM UTC.
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Train Sim World 2 - Dynamic Duplex