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Train Sim World 2 – Cool as ICE!

Sleek modern design and beautiful classic engineering meet across one of Europe’s most impressive Railways, explore Schnellfahrstrecke Köln - Aachen in Train Sim World 2.
Feel the thrill of high-speed inter-city German rail as you push the throttle through bustling German Metropolis and the rolling open countryside in this exquisitely realised route. Read on to see the latest trailer, new screenshots and find out more about Schnellfahrstrecke Köln - Aachen.
The Köln - Aachen high speed railway is a 70 km stretch of the Trans- European transport network. With Line speeds of up to 250 km/h separate track has been added on over half of the route, running parallel to the existing track. This ensures the swift international services with the ICE 3M are not held up by the busy local S-Bahn services and are able to capitalise on their incredible top speeds.
The route is steeped in history, from its heavily debated original concept to the landmarks and bridges making up the surrounding landscape. Each has been given the attention to detail required to accurately bring them to life in Train Sim World 2 and allow you to really immerse yourself in the route. As you leave Aachen you are presented with the wonderful Burtscheid Viaduct, further along the line you travel through the historic triangle truss Dreigurtbrücke, and more as you journey to a panoramic view of the Köln skyline including the beautiful cathedral and famous Köln Hauptbahnhof.
German Railway Technology often leads the way in new and innovative design, the two multiple units included in this route are no different. The DB BR 406 ICE 3M is a precise machine, able to reach staggering speeds of up to 250km/h on this route. If you want to take in the German countryside at a more leisurely pace of speeds up to 160 km/h you can also drive the DB BR 442 Talent 2. Affectionately named by Rail fans Hamsterbacke (Hamster Cheeks!), the Talent 2 has become a regular sight across the entire Deutsche Bahn network.
You will enjoy the pinnacle of German railway technology at its best with this route. The RE9 services included give you the freedom to open up the throttle and test your high speed driving skills, as semi-fast stopper services you will only need to stop for passengers periodically along the line between Aachen and Duren, giving you the chance to feel the true power of these lightning fast locomotives. In addition to these services you will have a variety of other scenarios and services for you to enjoy as you play.
For drivers who are looking for a more advanced driving experience the unique adhesion features of both trains will provide an additional challenge in Train Sim World 2. If you want to test your skills further you can switch on additional safety systems like SIFA to give you full realistic control as you sit in the cab and navigate the route.
Whether you’re using these advanced safety features as you enjoy high-speed or simply heading out for a relaxing drive to explore the route, Köln - Aachen has plenty to offer every rail simulator enthusiast. With Train Sim World 2 you’ll also be able to customise your experience on Köln - Aachen with the Livery Designer to create unique looks for your own multiple units and the Scenario Planner that allows you to decide what to drive and where.
We’ll be covering the Scenario Planner on Railfan TV this Thursday 16th July at 2000 BST on Railfan TV. Got a question on this route or the Scenario Planner, let us know on this forum thread and we'll answer on the stream.
Train Sim World 2 is available on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation 4.
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Train Sim World 3
Train Sim World 2 – Cool as ICE!