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Train Sim World 2 – Conquer the Mountain!

Iconic railroads of the world are rarely more impressive than the epic Sand Patch Grade. In Train Sim World 2 you’re in the cab on one the most challenging and famous routes of the United States.
Coming to life on console for the first time and returning upgraded to PC. Read on to see the first trailer, find out more about what’s new, the experiences awaiting you and explore the railroads of the beautiful Allegheny Mountains in this first route feature.
Sand Patch Grade is part of the Keystone Subdivision of the Baltimore Division. Cutting through the remote Allegheny Mountains it drops over 1000 feet over a 20-mile stretch, making it one of steepest railroad grades in the US. Thanks to mountainous terrain some interesting engineering solutions were required, these include the infamous Sand Patch Tunnel and the horseshoe curve, favourite’s amongst Railfans. Today the entire line is double track and services daily freight trains from CSX.
The AC4400CW, GP38-2 and SD40-2 locomotives featured on this route have been authentically recreated in intricate detail allow you to take on the role of preparing, shunting and hauling huge trains across the undulating route. Each loco is available in fully licensed Bright Future and Boxcar liveries - And you can add your own style with the new Livery Designer in Train Sim World 2.
In addition to the Livery Designer you can look forward to a range of new features in Sand Patch Grade - including a complete overhaul of the services available. Enjoy services from short 10 minute tasks allowing you to explore the sprawling Cumberland yard, its iconic turn table and busy re-fuelling area, to 90 minute long hauls where you will witness the epic landscape of the Allegheny from the comfort of your chosen cab. There are brand new services to explore, bringing the total up to 65 Services.
Careful consideration has gone into adding not only a more prototypical experience but also making them more interesting and exciting, particularly in areas such as Cumberland Yard which will be a focus point for many services. The U876 coal run has been revamped to be representative of the real-life service and grain traffic has been added to the route offering you a totally new freight experience. In addition to this, helper trains have been added to westbound autorack services, something every driver will appreciate when presented with the steep grades of Sand Patch Grade.
Weighted wagon physics and the new Adhesion system for Train Sim World 2 completely evolves the way you play on Sand Patch Grade. Loading coal at Shaw and Rockwood mines will change how the train responds to your controls as you make your way up and down the route with long heavy hauls. Mastering the power of the CSX workhorses, no matter the weather, will be vital to ensure you’re on time and arrive safely.
Whether you’re new to Sand Patch Grade or returning to the route, Train Sim World 2 has something for you. The upgraded engine delivers enhanced visuals and adhesion physics, a brand-new interface ensures complete immersion, and new Journey / Services means lots to explore. Add to this the Livery Designer and Scenario Planner that allow you to customise the way you play and there’s plenty to look forward to.
Got a question on Sand Patch Grade? We’re running a Community Q&A on the route tomorrow on Railfan TV. Watch Friday 3 July at 2000 BST / 2100 CEST / 1200 PDT.
Train Sim World 2 is available on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation 4.
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Train Sim World
Train Sim World 2 – Conquer the Mountain!