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Train Sim World 2 – Clear To Proceed!

Two weeks to launch and we have some more new screens to share with you this Friday! The theme this week: Clear to proceed - Take a closer look at the signalling keeping you safe and on time in Train Sim World 2.
Each of the routes in Train Sim World 2 are covered in a variety of unique and interesting signal types. Recreated in high detail these add to the realism and immersion you will experience. From the moment your journey starts, you will be directed by signals, and as you can see from the screenshot above of a train leaving London Road depot, the Disc Shunting Signal (lower left) clears trains to leave and descend to the Bakerloo Line. Drivers must stop here and wait for clearance, ensuring they've been given the road to the correct tunnel. It will be your responsibility to keep a keen look out for these.
In the screenshot above you can see a DB BR 406 ICE 3M on the approach to a distant signal. If you were unprepared while travelling at the incredible speeds this train is capable of, there is a chance you may miss the signal. To prevent this from happening the approach marker boards you see, called Vorsignalbaken, are there to provide a distance-based countdown toward the approaching signal. Being placed at 250, 175 and 100 metres from the signal, the driver then has ample time to prepare for taking appropriate action. Signals cannot be read reliably at high speeds so, if you’re running with LZB enabled, you’ll be progressively reduced in speed by the system when approaching an adverse signal.
Sand Patch Grade has an interesting variety of signal types present throughout the route. This is primarily due to the different systems employed by the former Railroads that operated the route over the years. In the image above, the signal heads carry hoods (often nicknamed Darth Vader) to reduce light bleed from the sides, reduce snow build up and improve readability from much further away than those with traditional top-mounted ones.
The Bakerloo Line is a rabbit warren of underground tunnels, sharp curves and fast changing grades. Due diligence is important. Signals can be close together and appear very quickly round curves in the darkness. As you can see from the in-cab screenshot of the 1972 Mark II stock above. When playing Train Sim World 2, it is possible to change the level of assistance the HUD provides regarding upcoming signals.
Signals and signage need to be clear when driving over a railway. Aachen station is no exception with the busy network of junctions, which is common near most large stations. Knowing if you can safely proceed is very important. As you can see, you are greeted with very clear signals at the end of the platform, a permanent 40 km/h speed restriction sign is visible for trains departing towards Koln to ensure you depart at a safe speed if not operating under PZB Monitoring.
The train you see waiting in Queens Park station above has been granted permission to proceed by the signaller. This signal permits trains to proceed onward to Harrow & Wealdstone, or into the sidings at Queens Park where caution is required as it's the end of the line. The complexity of the signal shown here in the number of heads presented is due to the multipurpose nature of some signals. This particular signal contains a co-acting head, which repeats what is shown on the main head. Given the low driving position and the stopping location, the driver would be unable to see the main head so they need a duplicate in just the right place to provide status on the route ahead. You'll note this signal also includes a disc shunting head, which is used to route trains into the siding, a theatre route indicator, which advises the driver of the route code for whichever direction the train is to head in, and a rail gap indicator, to advise when there is no power ahead. All of this, mounted on one post!
Train Sim World 2 is available on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation 4.
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Train Sim World
7 Aug
Train Sim World 2 – Clear To Proceed!
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