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Train Sim World 2 - Cab Screens!

It’s Screenshot Friday! The theme this week: cabs - sit inside these epic feats of engineering
Take a look inside the cabs of the locomotives you're going to be driving in Train Sim World 2, check out everything from the sleek & modern DB BR 406 ICE 3M (pictured above) to the raw power of the GP38-2.
The SD40-2 is a versatile workhorse of CSX, and one of the more unique operations you can undertake on Sand Patch Grade are a selection of helper services; couple up to the rear of a heavy train and assist it up the eastern slope, before running back to Cumberland for your next duties.
Amidst the evening rush, 1972 Stock units prepare to pass on the steep line connecting the above ground DC lines and the deep level “tube” tunnels – familiarity of the route from the cab is paramount to a safe and timely operation on the Bakerloo Line whether North or Southbound.
With the dynamic brakes almost ready to kick in, a train led by AC4400CWs starts the challenging descent down Sand Patch’s eastern slope. Unlike the SD40-2 and GP38-2, the AC4400CW is rather unique with its expansive windscreens and modern Integrated Function Display screens.
A pair of DB BR 442 ‘Talent 2’ EMUs gather speed upon departure from Aachen Hbf. Unlike the ICE which races non-stop along the line to Köln, the Regional Express services that the 442s operate demand a more frequent stopping pattern; precision is key in order to not hold up passengers waiting for a train into the city.
Switching operations aplenty await those who climb aboard the GP38-2. Learn the ins and outs of Cumberland Yard as you deliver and retrieve cars to and from mainline trains, bring cars back into service after repair and refuel in preparation for more duties later in the day.
Look out for more on Train Sim World 2 next week.
Train Sim World 2 is available on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation 4.
Screenshots and images displayed in this article may depict content that is still in development. The licensed brands may not have been approved by their respective owner and some artwork may still be pending approval.
Train Sim World
10 Jul
Train Sim World 2 - Cab Screens!
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